Tapering time during the Marathon

Tapering is the process of resting ( doing less) just before the marathon. Here we can do yoga, pilates, and some stretches during this period. This is to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself or get stress fractures. Some fitness to keep up is also essential. This could be going to the gym and cycling or some strength training.


During the last two to three weeks before the marathon or triathlon, you should aim to eat more fiber and more carbs. Meals should be nutritious.

You should also aim to reduce the number of kms by 25% each time. You should always have a long run or two still in there as they are good ways to make sure that you are on top of things.

Its important to taper right. And here is one strategy of doing so:

Week 1: 30km long run, lots of stretching exercises, spin cycle, gym

Week 2: 20km long run, spin cycle once or twice a week, yoga and pilates

Week 3: 10km, yoga and meditation

Week 4: Rest and race day.

So here’s how you could do it. But then again everyone is different.

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