The Deli Hall at Queen Victoria Market

The Deli Hall is at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne and it’s my favorite place to buy healthy snacks. Here I love to buy my protein cheeses and yogurts. I am not a huge fan of bread as they tend to make me quite fat and put on a lot of weight without realizing it. But I do love their cheeses and their shouting every morning. I also am a fan of their dips as they are homemade.


But if I do want junk food then I can’t go past the chicken shop as it is quite cheap. It is about $3 for a bucket of chips and about $5 for a huge serving of chicken wings in that I can take home and make a few meals¬†out of.¬† But occasionally (and it’s very rare) I love my bratwurst. It’s about $8 for a huge sausage and all the trimmings such as cheese and saukraut. I can have this with my fat burning 80 cal tea at home or at work.

There are lots of bready places but I try and avoid them if I can. I’m not a huge fan of too many starchy carbs. And if you’re trying to lose weight its best to stay off them as they have a lot calories in them.


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