Healthyintstudents participates in Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness month is in October and we are participating in this month to raise awareness of this common mental health issue. Having Autism is a mental problem in the world. Autism is a disability which you can’t see. It means always doing the same thing and liking the same thing over and over. ItsContinue reading “Healthyintstudents participates in Autism Awareness Month”


Tour De France runs

The Tour De France run project was one about mental health and people do this to cure mental health problems and for relaxation. I was inspired to do these runs by a good friend of mine. Of course I didn’t do all the 2000 km but I gave it my all. I first read upContinue reading “Tour De France runs”

How to be healthy when you fly

Inflight health is important for everyone and it is more important for runners to maintain that health. Some people like to drink alcohol but others like to just relax.   Water Drink lots in the days before so that your body can be used to it. You can buy water at the airport and mostContinue reading “How to be healthy when you fly”

Why too much sugar is bad for you and protein shakes are good for you

Over the spring and summer season, people want to lose weight for various reasons. Over winter people have put on weight. One way of doing that is trying to cut down on sugar. A way to cut down on the sugar is to have your coffees without sugar. Or it can be not eating aContinue reading “Why too much sugar is bad for you and protein shakes are good for you”

Moodiment week!

This week was to support Beyond Blue at my local Fitness First. Here members can bring in one guest for free It was an open house to support Beyond Blue. Look there were times that I struggled with anxiety and had it had not been for the gyms and marathons I would not be ableContinue reading “Moodiment week!”

R U ok Day

RU OK day is supported by RUSU and other charities which supports mental wellbeing. Here Healthyintstudents supports such a thing. RU Ok day is about asking people about how they are feeling. Here its about talking about mental problems. Its ok to not be ok. Today we asked a fellow Instagrammer who has autism andContinue reading “R U ok Day”

Thrive the app

Thrive is an app from the UK and its about meditation and calming exercises. Everyday we Australians get stressed and with that comes a weight gain. It could be due to our working environment or not getting enough sleep. Getting stressed is no fun. When we get stressed the cortisol levels are released and thereforeContinue reading “Thrive the app”

Triathlon training week 47

This week did the long run and had a coffee in Laurent in East Melbourne. Here I felt a little bit nauseated after drinking it and going straight for the run something I won’t do again. Ran 30km today and my bpm was on 166.  Did really well because I slept so well but inContinue reading “Triathlon training week 47”

Women’s health week

  This week is about celebrating being a woman. Being a woman is hard enough as it is with all the responsibilities but you should take some time to take care of yourself too. Here we look at how to live healthy lifestyles as a woman and open up some discussions on touchy subjects suchContinue reading “Women’s health week”

Some easy ways to break unhealthy habits

I’m writing this for a friend of mine who has this unhealthy habit of eating lots of junk food and it’s affecting his weight. Exercise Every time you want to go out and eat use that time for your exercise. Find something that you love. And all the monies that you would spend eating out,Continue reading “Some easy ways to break unhealthy habits”

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