Healthyintstudents participates in Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness month is in October and we are participating in this month to raise awareness of this common mental health issue.


Having Autism is a mental problem in the world. Autism is a disability which you can’t see. It means always doing the same thing and liking the same thing over and over. Its a social problem which is becoming more and more common. 15 years ago it was not the norm and now it is. And so it is ok to talk about it. These days more and more adults have it- but it is high functioning which means that we can do most things.

It is frustrating that society doesn’t always accept us for who we are. It’s frustrating to be teased at school because of autism! Autistic people act differently and process things much slower than normal people.

Most people with Autism are ok. But they do exhibit some strange behaviours that people of the normal society don’t understand. Like for example we are scared of loud noises and my friend will eat most things but will eat his hand especially with Asian food. And he likes his coke every single day. When he visits Shape Up (which is now closed) he would always order a chocolate milkshake.

Even on the bus and the train he looks like a normal person, yet for some strange reason always asks for a seat while the majority stands. I’m always happy to stand and have been for a long time eventhough a small part of me has autism.


Yet I train at the gym and still do my runs! This just goes to show that we can do stuff even if we think that we can’t. So therefore society should learn to accept us for who we are rather than discriminate against us.


Tour De France runs

The Tour De France run project was one about mental health and people do this to cure mental health problems and for relaxation. I was inspired to do these runs by a good friend of mine. Of course I didn’t do all the 2000 km but I gave it my all.

I first read up on them in Runners world.

These runs were 70 days long and most days I just ran when I had the time. Here I did runs for 20km-30km each time with some rest days in between.

At one point I had a sore ankle but I kept on going. To solve that problem I put an ankle brace on it and it stopped being sore. It was a sports one. I put orthodics in my shoes and everything was ok. The experience was mind-blowing and very relaxing for those that get anxious.

I wasn’t too obsessed by them and I just wanted to have fun. I didn’t think much about eating but changed some of my junk food habits for the better. I used to drink twice a week, now I managed to do only one time a week. Its the same for junk food.

At times I was hungry and didn’t sleep so well but that did not stop me. I did have PMS and painful periods but I took a tablet for that. Once I slept fine then I had more energy for my runs.

The good thing about this race is that I could explore new parts of Melbourne and get caught up in it. I loved seeing the old buildings along the way in Middle Park and loved going to the beach. It was cold at times but that didn’t stop me from going.

Recording the results was easy. I did it on

The runs were great but sometimes I felt tired on the way.

Do sign me up for the next one if you can! Which is not until next year!

How to be healthy when you fly

Inflight health is important for everyone and it is more important for runners to maintain that health.

Some people like to drink alcohol but others like to just relax.



Drink lots in the days before so that your body can be used to it. You can buy water at the airport and most flights give out water bottles.


Bring your own healthy snacks on board. The airplane food can be quite bad unless you are flying in business or premium economy. Food at the airport can be very expensive. I love a good museli bar or some protein shake to keep me going.

A lot of people like to go to Red Rooster and stuff but those meals can make you feel dehydrated due to all the excessive salt in there.


Make sure that you move before you fly. DVT can happen on long haul flights. If yours is a long one make sure that you get up and walk on the plane. If you have time in the terminal make sure that you walk around and look at all the different shops. You don’t have to buy anything, just look around.


Wear loose fitting clothes. Bring a cardigan for the plane. If you wear really tight clothes and shoes you will feel uncomfortable. Don’t wear tight jeans and high heels. You never know- you might have a long way from the check in counter to the gate lounge and you might have to remove your shoes at security.

Purchase extra leg room if you can for long haul flights

Have some good rest leading up to the day of the flight. Enjoy some relaxing activities such as yoga or going down to the beach.

Why too much sugar is bad for you and protein shakes are good for you

Over the spring and summer season, people want to lose weight for various reasons. Over winter people have put on weight. One way of doing that is trying to cut down on sugar. A way to cut down on the sugar is to have your coffees without sugar. Or it can be not eating a lot of sweet biscuits, chocolates and cake.


On average we eat about 40-60 grams of sugar a day. Now this can come from your normal soft drinks like coke or it can be an added sugar. Eg: what is supposed to be a healthy drink might have about 30g of sugar.

A little bit of sugar in food is ok so long as its in moderation. Sugar gives us energy. And homemade food is best.

Most of the sugar in today’s junk food is just empty calories and then afterward we crash and burn.


There is no added sugar in shakes. It’s only just protein powder, water, and some fruits. Some protein helps aid your weight loss journey as they keep you full for a while.

Too much sugar is bad for you because it gives you a really big high and it is linked to weight problems as talked about in the sugar movie. Its the same too for teeth. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes. For a woman, too much sugar can lead to PMS, cramps and bloating.

As a person, you are supposed to have 20-40 teaspoons of sugar a day. Really active people can afford to have more sugar. But it is advised for them to watch their sugar intake.

Moodiment week!

This week was to support Beyond Blue at my local Fitness First. Here members can bring in one guest for free

It was an open house to support Beyond Blue. Look there were times that I struggled with anxiety and had it had not been for the gyms and marathons I would not be able to conquer all. This week was time for some anxiety awareness.

There wasn’t a lot of activities at my Fitness first but many members brought in a guest and there were some new memberships. Most new members wanted to lose some weight and wanted to give the bikes a try.

During this week I went out for many runs and ate a lot of good food. It was the week before the holidays so everything was pandemonium at work. But I managed to steady myself in the process. And I managed to stay on top of things that week.

That week I went to my local free dinner and mingled with the other people. It was their birthday and there were balloons around. Now you might know that I am scared of balloons and loud noises. But I managed to conquer all by not thinking about it.

Then Thursday was RU Ok day and here I talked with my friend. I also fit in another run as well as stretching at the gym.

And then Friday was more stretches and fun before the weekend.

R U ok Day

RU OK day is supported by RUSU and other charities which supports mental wellbeing. Here Healthyintstudents supports such a thing.

RU Ok day is about asking people about how they are feeling. Here its about talking about mental problems. Its ok to not be ok.

Today we asked a fellow Instagrammer who has autism and he does not like the way that society sometimes treats him. Society sometimes can be rude to people with autism and that can upset them.

The talk was at a cafe called Ganache. Whilst he ordered food, I was ok with just not having anything. When he sees chocolate, he is happy.

The other day he posted lots and lots of things on Facebook about autism and that got me asking as to why. He said that on that day someone in the pie shop on Bourke st was very rude to him when he tried to order a shake. That really upset him very much. He didn’t cry but walked away. When other people tease him he gets upset.

On trains and trams and buses he always gets the special seat and when he explains he has a disability they go oh well.

He hates heights. Heights really scares him.

He wishes that society treat autistic people and hopes to raise awareness about this problem.

Thrive the app

Thrive is an app from the UK and its about meditation and calming exercises. Everyday we Australians get stressed and with that comes a weight gain. It could be due to our working environment or not getting enough sleep.


Getting stressed is no fun. When we get stressed the cortisol levels are released and therefore we tend to eat more comfort foods and we don’t sleep well. This is how many Australians become overweight

Here the app is easy to download and you can get it from Google play or iTunes. It is $4.95 per month for sign up and it’s really fast and easy to sign up. And then you’re met with this screen where you’ll have some options for relaxation. It only takes a few minutes to install.

You can easily take relaxation everywhere with you. You can relax on the train or at work. They do have yoga.

Do install the app today.

Triathlon training week 47


This week did the long run and had a coffee in Laurent in East Melbourne. Here I felt a little bit nauseated after drinking it and going straight for the run something I won’t do again.

Ran 30km today and my bpm was on 166.  Did really well because I slept so well but in the end got tired. I need to put some more strength work in there to make my runs work until the end.

At least the ankle wasn’t too sore today as I tied my shoelaces up tightly. Good fitting shoes always helps along with good nutrition.

Then the other days were just darn fine. I finally slept really well as it was really warm. It is spring. Then on Friday I was not sore at all.

Women’s health week


IMG_20180708_143236This week is about celebrating being a woman. Being a woman is hard enough as it is with all the responsibilities but you should take some time to take care of yourself too. Here we look at how to live healthy lifestyles as a woman and open up some discussions on touchy subjects such as PMS, getting good rest and PCOS. Part of that is to do with diet.

I am a moderated worrier. During the winter I did not have enough sleep and I hate going on holidays as I worry about all the work and running that I’ll leave behind. I have a little bit of anxiety. But I don’t let that get in the way of life. I’m anxious about the fact that is the problem.

I slept well this past week. Its been quite warm and I think the exercise has helped a lot. Sleeping well helps get rid of the stress in life as well as manage PMS symptoms better. In the end, I lost about 1kg and that was just pure body fat that I have accumulated over the winter.

My physical health has been just fine. I do suffer a little bit of PMS from time to time but that has not taken me away from the joys of life. I eat at home a lot rather than going out for dinner. And I don’t binge eat. I am happy just the way that I am.

During that week there were a lot of runs and fun things at my gym. I love RPM and doing strength work. Running has calmed the mind a bit.

Some easy ways to break unhealthy habits

I’m writing this for a friend of mine who has this unhealthy habit of eating lots of junk food and it’s affecting his weight.



Every time you want to go out and eat use that time for your exercise. Find something that you love. And all the monies that you would spend eating out, use that money for your gym membership or pay for a race.

Think about this- everytime he buys a coke he ends up spending $4-$5 per serve. Times that by 5-7 times a week and you’re looking at $35 a week on it.

Same as with the coffees-its $4 per serve and then that would be $28 per week just on it when he can make a long black at home.

Now that money can be put towards going to the gym each fortnight. And each fortnight is $56 at my gym.

The money that he spends eating out each week is $70- this can be money that can be put towards race entry if only he brought his own lunch from home.

Use Instagram to post pictures of your healthy habits

Yes, this way it holds him more accountable.

Use a food diary

Food diaries like myfitnesspal lets you track what you eat so you know how much you have eaten for the day.

If only he used this then he would not eat so many calories in a day.  And he would know that he is missing out on the so many minerals that he needs each day to function.

Sleep well

We need about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Though I know I don’t sleep so well in the winter even though I try.

He sleeps quite alright sometimes

Drink water and stay hydrated

For this friend, he hates that. He doesn’t like a lot of water and neither does many other people.  He prefers his coke.

But for most people, you need around 3-4 Litres of water a day to see the results. When you drink water you don’t get as much cravings for coke and sugary drinks.

If you don’t like water I suggest an herbal tea or fruit-infuse the water.