Coles Little shoppers items and why they were a nightmare

Coles little shoppers have been going on for some time but you have to spend a minimum of $30 just to get one. Fans have been going mad for the whole set, but you can see why we are not so mad about collecting all the items and spending that much money.


First of all, you had to spend $30 each time in Coles just to get that little toy. Sometimes I didn’t need to spend $30 as it was too much for me. Many students just didn’t have that kind of money.

All together for the 30 items, it would have been $900 that we would have to spend at Coles. Some of these items I got off friends that did not want them and quite frankly was not interested in the little shop.


Second of all the amount of plastic is a waste for the environment. Although fun it isn’t necessary. For days on my Facebook feed people obsessed about that stuff and need certain things. And it kind of got too addictive. People freaked out about not having the things that they need.

Thirdly most people would have to spend that kind of money on junk food and processed stuff.  Think about it if you were living alone, $30 is impossible to spend on items.

It’s also an Environmental nightmare where in these days no one buys a bottled water and Coles was just about to phase out their shopping bags only to have more packaging. All the collectibles are made out of plastic. So where does all that wrapping go? In the landfill of course.

So I probably wouldn’t buy it again even if they have different items.

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