Week 44 of Triathlon training

This week I bought two ankle braces and a pair of orthodics to wear whilst running. Am trying to get used to them hence my running may be a bit slow at times. And also I only biked 20km

I still have a bit of bruising but not as much and i’m feeling a lot better now. But  then Wednesday I biked about 18km as I was still trying to get used to the orthodics and braces. The sports brace took a while to do up as I was fairly new to all that wrapping.

Friday’s run of 20km was great but still on the slow side. But at least I feel better now.

My period came a bit late but now its here and all is well. I worried about having no period for the fact that I was not eating enough fat. And running and biking lots.

By Saturday night I was feeling a lot better and I did a lot of strength training that week.

And then Sunday it was raining very heavily and very windy and cold so there was no long run there.

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