The Whole 30 diet and why it might suck for runners

The Whole 30 diet eliminates all grains, dairy, sugars, alcohol and caffeine. Here the Whole 30 diet is promoted as a way to lose the weight and still eat real food. In today’s world we eat too much of the processed stuff and that is bad for our health. All of these processed foods lead to a world of disease.

The Whole 30 aims to get people to eat more food on a regular basis and not have people scared of food. We can eat out a fair bit at restaurants without being anxious.

We can learn to love the good fats. We can learn to love avocado.

And we can learn to read labels and be more conscious around food at home. At the restaurants, we have no idea what’s in the food.

But as runners we need certain nutrients that the Whole 30 diet excludes such as our dairy. And we also need our grains for our long runs. And caffeine is a great way to start our runs. Many of the gels we consume have caffeine in them as well as some of the supplements.

But in some ways it has been good for those trying to lose the weight in the way that they can find the support and the motivation to. It also has been good in a way that you can still go to social functions and not drink as much alcohol or just enjoy that one sip!

And its good for those wanting to give up on all that caffeine as you can’t have coffee.

All in all give the Whole 30 a miss unless you really need to lose that weight!

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