My favourite winter meals

Now these are all homemade and are under 13sp. And no they are not instant noodle dishes

Chicken curry and rice


You can buy the chicken curry sauce from Woolworths and you can also buy the chicken from there.


You can do a huge batch on Sunday of this dish to last you the whole week. Now I know some people work until 8pm most nights so this can be a go-to option for those wanting a quick dinner. All you do is cut a piece and then stick it in the microwave.

Soup of all kinds

I enjoy lots of soup in winter and you can make a batch of them on Sunday and then put it in the fridge for the week. You can heat this up when you get home or you can take some to work.


You can make this at home and its nice and filling for a cold winters day. Here there is a recipe for this from

A beef stew

I enjoy a good hearty beef stew for dinner. They do take a while to cook but if you do a big batch on Sunday you’ll have lots for the week.

Soup Dumplings

There are so many different varieties of these and you can make them yourself at home. Asian inspirations has some great recipes on these. I love the soup wontons and prawn and chive dumplings.


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