Being Motivated to do exercise

Exercise can be what keeps us happy and healthy. But many people lack the motivation to do it.


It can be hard in the mornings or during the daytime to do exercise if especially you work. It can be extremely harder to do exercise if you do shift work. It can also be hard if you study and do assignments and exams. But you can plan your time wisely.

But many gyms are now open 24/7 which means there is no excuse to get your workout in. ” I’m too lazy” or “too tired” is just an excuse. Also “The I have no time” is just another excuse.

For ladies, the “I have PMS excuse and I don’t feel like getting out of bed” is just an excuse. Having PMS is a great reason for exercise as it releases endorphins

If you have a longer term goal like doing a marathon at the end of the year, then you’ll be more motivated to do exercise and you’ll have to give up your weekends for training. And you’ll be more motivated to lose the weight and keep it off that way.

No more excuses for exercise now that the sun is out and the cold days are nearly over. Just find something that you like and just do it!

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