Week 42 of Triathlon training

This week I felt just fine but a bit sore from all the ovulation around this time. I was out of energy for quite a bit. But did some stretching and all was good.

I rode 21.1km within 55 mins and burnt 390 calories. I didn’t sleep so well last night so my running was little bit off.



But then later on in the week I slept much better and trained much better. I managed to get in a few 14-18km runs and my bike hasn’t been too bad.

Yes my nutrition and water still seem to be a little bit off but with some patience and trying to get it right it might just work. I am taking two gels on my Sunday 30km runs and none during the week as my runs are a little bit shorter.

I also went to the Hari Raya event today and managed to get some diarrhea. I know yesterday we had to wash our hands so I wonder if the volunteers after me did the same thing. The food itself was good and I loved the Soto Ayam. Pity there was no cendol in the time that I came.

Got a bit of chafing on my legs and have no idea where it came from.

Sunday’s run of 30km was good in the morning and then it became windy at the Point Ormond area. So I had to take it easy.

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