PT: Should you get one?

Most people ask this question when they first sign up to the gym. But they can be quite pricey. But at the same time can be a good source of information if you are trying to lose the weight.


Most people when they see the Biggest Loser they think of the trainer as the scariest thing. But it doesn’t have to be and most of the PT’s at the gym are quite friendly. Yes, they are expensive but they help achieve results.

So I have this friend and was having this conversation with him about losing weight. I am learning the nuts and bolts of being a PT and have a personal trainer myself. Now then he is quite scared to change and face his fears. But losing weight is a lot of hard work and facing your fears.

As a PT would do is make their clients face their fears. This is the only way that the barriers to weight loss would be broken. JD Roth the producer of the Biggest loser made his contestants face their fears.

You must have an open mind and not be scared of trying new things. The PTs always love to try new things- that is how we learn and grow.

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