Coles Little shoppers items and why they were a nightmare

Coles little shoppers have been going on for some time but you have to spend a minimum of $30 just to get one. Fans have been going mad for the whole set, but you can see why we are not so mad about collecting all the items and spending that much money. First of all,Continue reading “Coles Little shoppers items and why they were a nightmare”


The Keto diet and why its no good for losing weight

The Keto diet is the most hyped up diet on the net. But it is no good for runners. The Keto diet is a diet that is high in fat and low in carbs. This is supported by Catherine Saxelby’s definition of this diet.  You don’t have to count calories or macros as you’ll haveContinue reading “The Keto diet and why its no good for losing weight”

Week 44 of Triathlon training

This week I bought two ankle braces and a pair of orthodics to wear whilst running. Am trying to get used to them hence my running may be a bit slow at times. And also I only biked 20km I still have a bit of bruising but not as much and i’m feeling a lotContinue reading “Week 44 of Triathlon training”

The Whole 30 diet and why it might suck for runners

The Whole 30 diet eliminates all grains, dairy, sugars, alcohol and caffeine. Here the Whole 30 diet is promoted as a way to lose the weight and still eat real food. In today’s world we eat too much of the processed stuff and that is bad for our health. All of these processed foods leadContinue reading “The Whole 30 diet and why it might suck for runners”

Volunteering for Hari Raya

Hari Raya is the term for Open house. Healthyintstudents was invited there by Malaysia Hall Resident club on Facebook to volunteer. The Malaysia Hall is in Windsor and we ran there instead of take the tram as I’m open to a challenge like this. In a few weeks time they will be having their sportsContinue reading “Volunteering for Hari Raya”

Odour Eaters- a review

Do your runners often smell after a run? Well if so then Odour eaters might be the answer for you. I bought these Odour eaters at Woolworths for $8.14. My shoes smelt like fermented tofu every time I finished a run. The Odour Eaters works just fine. You spray it in your shoes and youContinue reading “Odour Eaters- a review”

Good gut health and why it is important for runners!

Good gut health is important for those that want to lose the weight but it is even more so important for runners to have it. Here we share some reasons and tips for good gut health. As Australians, we don’t get enough vegetables in our diet. Only 6% of the population love lots of vegetablesContinue reading “Good gut health and why it is important for runners!”

My favourite winter meals

Now these are all homemade and are under 13sp. And no they are not instant noodle dishes Chicken curry and rice You can buy the chicken curry sauce from Woolworths and you can also buy the chicken from there. Lasagna You can do a huge batch on Sunday of this dish to last you theContinue reading “My favourite winter meals”

Week 43 of Triathlon training

This week I seemed to have gotten an ankle injury. I know it is not from my weight as I was just fine. I measured in at 53.8kgs. And I also know its not from my diet as I had been eating just fine. At the start of the week I was fine and thenContinue reading “Week 43 of Triathlon training”

Being Motivated to do exercise

Exercise can be what keeps us happy and healthy. But many people lack the motivation to do it. It can be hard in the mornings or during the daytime to do exercise if especially you work. It can be extremely harder to do exercise if you do shift work. It can also be hard ifContinue reading “Being Motivated to do exercise”

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