Coles Little shoppers items and why they were a nightmare

Coles little shoppers have been going on for some time but you have to spend a minimum of $30 just to get one. Fans have been going mad for the whole set, but you can see why we are not so mad about collecting all the items and spending that much money.


First of all, you had to spend $30 each time in Coles just to get that little toy. Sometimes I didn’t need to spend $30 as it was too much for me. Many students just didn’t have that kind of money.

All together for the 30 items, it would have been $900 that we would have to spend at Coles. Some of these items I got off friends that did not want them and quite frankly was not interested in the little shop.


Second of all the amount of plastic is a waste for the environment. Although fun it isn’t necessary. For days on my Facebook feed people obsessed about that stuff and need certain things. And it kind of got too addictive. People freaked out about not having the things that they need.

Thirdly most people would have to spend that kind of money on junk food and processed stuff.  Think about it if you were living alone, $30 is impossible to spend on items.

It’s also an Environmental nightmare where in these days no one buys a bottled water and Coles was just about to phase out their shopping bags only to have more packaging. All the collectibles are made out of plastic. So where does all that wrapping go? In the landfill of course.

So I probably wouldn’t buy it again even if they have different items.

The Keto diet and why its no good for losing weight

The Keto diet is the most hyped up diet on the net. But it is no good for runners.


The Keto diet is a diet that is high in fat and low in carbs. This is supported by Catherine Saxelby’s definition of this diet.  You don’t have to count calories or macros as you’ll have everything you’ll need. We need carbs to survive and we need fiber to get rid of the unwanted toxins in our system. Fiber fills us up. We can only eat 50g of carbs which is not much.

It is a way of disordered eating. In the end you crave the carbs in sight. And it gets boring after a week on it.

After a while you get disappointed as you are getting no results.

The Keto diet doesn’t allow for many vegetables to be consumed except for spinach and kale.  As runners too much meat can make us feel lethargic and can make up run a lot slower. Too much meat can clog the digestive system making it harder to run.

As runners we need our minerals. Most of these we can get from our plants. If we are mineral deficient then it is hard for us to get a good run in. Moreover our skin would look really bad.  And we would also cramp really badly.

Runners would also need their carbs as well. A keto diet doesn’t have a lot of carbs. Its mainly meat.

Therefore Keto or any diet for that matter should be off the hook until the off season when we don’t need as much

Week 44 of Triathlon training

This week I bought two ankle braces and a pair of orthodics to wear whilst running. Am trying to get used to them hence my running may be a bit slow at times. And also I only biked 20km

I still have a bit of bruising but not as much and i’m feeling a lot better now. But  then Wednesday I biked about 18km as I was still trying to get used to the orthodics and braces. The sports brace took a while to do up as I was fairly new to all that wrapping.

Friday’s run of 20km was great but still on the slow side. But at least I feel better now.

My period came a bit late but now its here and all is well. I worried about having no period for the fact that I was not eating enough fat. And running and biking lots.

By Saturday night I was feeling a lot better and I did a lot of strength training that week.

And then Sunday it was raining very heavily and very windy and cold so there was no long run there.

The Whole 30 diet and why it might suck for runners

The Whole 30 diet eliminates all grains, dairy, sugars, alcohol and caffeine. Here the Whole 30 diet is promoted as a way to lose the weight and still eat real food. In today’s world we eat too much of the processed stuff and that is bad for our health. All of these processed foods lead to a world of disease.

The Whole 30 aims to get people to eat more food on a regular basis and not have people scared of food. We can eat out a fair bit at restaurants without being anxious.

We can learn to love the good fats. We can learn to love avocado.

And we can learn to read labels and be more conscious around food at home. At the restaurants, we have no idea what’s in the food.

But as runners we need certain nutrients that the Whole 30 diet excludes such as our dairy. And we also need our grains for our long runs. And caffeine is a great way to start our runs. Many of the gels we consume have caffeine in them as well as some of the supplements.

But in some ways it has been good for those trying to lose the weight in the way that they can find the support and the motivation to. It also has been good in a way that you can still go to social functions and not drink as much alcohol or just enjoy that one sip!

And its good for those wanting to give up on all that caffeine as you can’t have coffee.

All in all give the Whole 30 a miss unless you really need to lose that weight!

Volunteering for Hari Raya

Hari Raya is the term for Open house. Healthyintstudents was invited there by Malaysia Hall Resident club on Facebook to volunteer.

The Malaysia Hall is in Windsor and we ran there instead of take the tram as I’m open to a challenge like this. In a few weeks time they will be having their sports events in Albert Park.

Volunteering for them meant that I can learn a lot more about their culture and I did just that, Malaysians are generally happy and warm people who love their food. They are also non judgemental people and most of the people are huge!.

The shift went for 3.5 hours.

And fun we had chopping onions, chillis and pineapple. And mingling with others. I tried not to cry when chopping the onions, although I nearly did. Chopping chillis was harder as I tried to not cut my finger.

The lunch we had today was noodle in tomato and chilli sauce. Here the Malaysians are known for their chilli dishes. They are also known for their beehoon and lots of sauce in their dishes. This tasted really nice when it comes off the fryer. But when its cold its not.

We also had fun making the peanut sauce for the satay and smelling the garlic. The garlic did smell really good.

Do volunteer for their next Hari Raya event.

Odour Eaters- a review

Do your runners often smell after a run? Well if so then Odour eaters might be the answer for you. I bought these Odour eaters at Woolworths for $8.14.

My shoes smelt like fermented tofu every time I finished a run.

The Odour Eaters works just fine. You spray it in your shoes and you leave it for about five minutes to dry and wella the smell is gone. And my shoe feels fresh again.

You only spray once or twice a day or otherwise the smell is too overpowering.

And then it gets rid of the smell.

Do buy the Odour Eaters in Woolworths and Coles.

Good gut health and why it is important for runners!

Good gut health is important for those that want to lose the weight but it is even more so important for runners to have it.

Here we share some reasons and tips for good gut health. As Australians, we don’t get enough vegetables in our diet. Only 6% of the population love lots of vegetables with many of us being the avid meat eaters. Hence this is a contributing factor to our obesity problem.

Having bad bacteria in our bodies leads to a leaky gut which leads to many problems such as restricted joints and food intolerances.

We need quite a few probiotics to live on as they help with digestion. Many Australians don’t get enough hence the problems with digestion.

You can start by having lots and lots of different vegetables in every meal as well as learn to love dried or canned beans. I love cabbage and sauerkraut. Homemade sauerkraut is the best. I also love broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

You could enjoy kombucha instead of soft drinks. Soft drinks have lots of sugar. In fact, they have too much sugar which is bad for you.

I love my plain yogurts at home. I enjoy Jalna as they have many probiotics in it. These probiotics are good for my health. I love this with just fruits or my Herbalife shake. But if still like being the avid meat eater who loves a BBQ in the summer then you could make your own tahini.

I also enjoy salmon for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love the Japanese version of it which is miso glazed salmon.

I also have a lot of fruits at home and you shall too. I love pairing a banana with oats and I love to eat blueberries and strawberries in the summer. But if you were to have them in the winter months you could freeze your blueberries and strawberries in the summer and make a milkshake.

My favourite winter meals

Now these are all homemade and are under 13sp. And no they are not instant noodle dishes

Chicken curry and rice


You can buy the chicken curry sauce from Woolworths and you can also buy the chicken from there.


You can do a huge batch on Sunday of this dish to last you the whole week. Now I know some people work until 8pm most nights so this can be a go-to option for those wanting a quick dinner. All you do is cut a piece and then stick it in the microwave.

Soup of all kinds

I enjoy lots of soup in winter and you can make a batch of them on Sunday and then put it in the fridge for the week. You can heat this up when you get home or you can take some to work.


You can make this at home and its nice and filling for a cold winters day. Here there is a recipe for this from

A beef stew

I enjoy a good hearty beef stew for dinner. They do take a while to cook but if you do a big batch on Sunday you’ll have lots for the week.

Soup Dumplings

There are so many different varieties of these and you can make them yourself at home. Asian inspirations has some great recipes on these. I love the soup wontons and prawn and chive dumplings.


Week 43 of Triathlon training

This week I seemed to have gotten an ankle injury. I know it is not from my weight as I was just fine. I measured in at 53.8kgs. And I also know its not from my diet as I had been eating just fine.


At the start of the week I was fine and then came Sunday and the ankle injury. Its only minor but still. I may need orthodics.  My shoes are still fairly new but don’t support flat feet. I think they rolled around a bit especially the right foot.

Instead I turned Sunday’s long run into a walk for 35km. This was supposed to be the Bloody long walk. This long walk is meant to raise money to cure mito. But when I got home I was really sore. The very next day I couldn’t walk much.

I can still bike and everything and Friday’s run was just fine.

As such I peed on myself twice. And that was during Friday’s walk and on Sunday. I’m learning to feel slightly less embarrased now which is good.

Being Motivated to do exercise

Exercise can be what keeps us happy and healthy. But many people lack the motivation to do it.


It can be hard in the mornings or during the daytime to do exercise if especially you work. It can be extremely harder to do exercise if you do shift work. It can also be hard if you study and do assignments and exams. But you can plan your time wisely.

But many gyms are now open 24/7 which means there is no excuse to get your workout in. ” I’m too lazy” or “too tired” is just an excuse. Also “The I have no time” is just another excuse.

For ladies, the “I have PMS excuse and I don’t feel like getting out of bed” is just an excuse. Having PMS is a great reason for exercise as it releases endorphins

If you have a longer term goal like doing a marathon at the end of the year, then you’ll be more motivated to do exercise and you’ll have to give up your weekends for training. And you’ll be more motivated to lose the weight and keep it off that way.

No more excuses for exercise now that the sun is out and the cold days are nearly over. Just find something that you like and just do it!