Week 40 of the triathlon training

This week I had my period so I was a little bit weak but that didn’t stop me from doing my bike ride of 21km.


And then Wednesday I was a bit low on energy for the Tour De france run but I still managed an 18km run. The bike ride was ok- but I only burned 400 calories on it.

And then Thursday I only managed a 7km run before I called it quits. But at least my bike ride of 20km has been alright.

Friday I went a massive 26km and enjoyed myself.

Saturday’s small run had not much energy in there. I was still recovering from Friday night’s run of 26km.


But then on Sunday, I was all good to go. And this time I did not throw up my gels, like I did last Sunday. I am slowly getting used to long and strong runs again. It took me a while to do this and then there is the no support issue from my family again to deal with.

This time I tried the hill on Anderson st. It was hard but I managed it.

How do you deal with this? Do I just ignore them?


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