Some snacks for the Melbourne Marathon that won’t break the bank

Guys here are some snacks that won’t break the bank and you can take with you on your long runs. In Australia there’s Aldi, Woolworths and Coles as well as the farmers markets where you can buy your items.


You can buy nuts at  Queen Victoria Market at the Happy place for $12. They are organic hence the high price but they still taste good and you can ask for a sample


These are high in carbohydrate which will give you a bit of energy for the day. They have natural sugar and it is actually good for you


This one is good for the bones and if you have your own container you can portion it out. If not you can buy a singular tub at the supermarket. You can also add some protein powder in your yoghurt.

Museli slice

Homemade is best as you’ll know what is in it. Here you can buy most of the stuff at the supermarket.


I love the canned version and you can buy them at the supermarket. They cost around $2-$3 per can and you can put them with anything


This are good for your omega 3’s and you can buy them in a can for $1-$2. As runners we need our good fats and protein for muscle building.


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