Some strength exercises at the gym

Always go slow and steady.

These exercises are for women that want to lose the fat but gain muscle. This year there has been quite a few newcomers to the gym and some of them don’t know what they are doing.


These are some of my favourites


This one tones the arms and shoulders. I love to swing the kettlebell 45 degrees for 10-12 reps. You do need to bend your knees a little bit to pick it up. The size of the bells vary so you do need to pick up the correct one. If you pick up one that is too heavy you could hurt yourself.

The balls

Another arm toning exercise. You lift this ball up on your head and then you throw it on the ground. Use your knees to pick up the ball and straight back. There are different size balls and if you are not sure you can ask one of the P/T’s that work there as to which size is the best for you.


There are all sorts of different weights for people to do at the gym such as lifting or lunges. If you are new to the gym you may want to ask someone how to do it. Do it the wrong way and you can injure yourself.


I love this exercise as it means stretching at the end. Simply get a yoga mat and just stretch.

Battle ropes

These are a lot of fun and can be done in thirty seconds. Just ask your PT on how they do this exercise.


They are so simple to do. Simply put one foot out in front of the other and bend your knee at a 45-degree angle.

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