Week 39 of Triathlon training

This week we started Tour De France which is a bit more rigorous training. There is a lot of run in this and it goes for 70 days.

On Monday we did about 10km and then Tuesday it was 24km. Afterwards, I was so tired that I only burnt 600 calories on the bike and I rode it within 100 mins.

It has been really cold lately but its ok with me.

Wednesday’s 24km run was fine and this time I bought some lollies as an energy source.

On Sunday’s run, I threw up afterward. Now could it be the Winners gels that I had without water? I had two of them.  Some of the gels work just fine without water and some don’t. I did do 29km that day.  I felt good about this run no doubt.\ and I tried some new sections of the course such as Albert Park.

Or could it be the Tour De France runs that lasted anywhere between 20-24kms throughout the course of the entire week?

Or could it be the new ibuprofen tablets that I had at lunch to relieve myself of period pain?

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