Week 38 of triathlon training

This week I seemed to have got my mojo on track and I am now finally burning more calories on the bike and on the runs. I think my nutrition finally caught up to me. Have burnt 974 calories running and walking and 406 calories on the bike. I did close to 22km within 55 mins.

On Wednesday I was a bit lacklustre in the run but made up for it in the bike leg by burning 429 calories within that hour and I have a good teacher.

This week Tour De France is launched at my gym and as such I think I will take on the Tour De France 70 day run. It is going to be testing at times but nonetheless I think I will enjoy it.

Then on Sunday it was really windy and showery. I tried the Birdwood Ave section of the race and it was tough. It was all hills in that section and track. I also tried the Beaconsfield way and it was so windy. I managed to do 30km in the challenging conditions. It was not fun and I was hungry all the time. But I did learn something and that is to be stronger physically and mentally. I think I have PMS.

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