Orangetheory fitness opens soon in Melbourne.

Orangetheory Fitness is the new gym to be opened in September in Melbourne and already there is some hype about the founding member’s fees. But there is a soft opening in August.

Here they tailor a workout and nutrition to support your goals. Whether it will be weight loss or gain lean muscle mass. They are going strong in the States with its first branch in Australia opening in Melbourne.

They are on a class-based scheme and there are no individualized personal training options for people.

Here memberships during their soft opening are $108 per month. This is for founders members. After that, they go to $117 per month. You can also buy sessions as well.

I got to meet a few of their staff at their opening party and found them to be warm and welcoming. Now in a gym, I look for those things and at my gym, they are those things. Here I also got to meet a few people over snags and drinks.

They are based at Unit 5, 422 Collins Street
3000 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Do check out their Facebook page for all the details of their opening.

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