Dieting and why its not the way to go about weight loss

Nowadays lots of people want to lose weight fast. There is no such way as it is all about the hard work and effort. People see all those skinny pictures of people in the media and think that “I want to look like that!” But what they don’t realize is that many of those people have been airbrushed to look great for that business.


There are many diets out there on the market, some of which are restrictive like the Paleo, 5:2 diet etc. Most of them don’t work and most of the people will crave other foods.

In “The Shape We’re in”, by Bossley (2012) she says that most of the restrictive diets are dangerous because they cut out certain food groups. This book is about obesity and the diets that are out there in this world and how they shorten our lives. We need all five of them to survive. People die just by trying to survive on these diets.

And people on diets are more likely to regain the weight after they finish that diet. They will go back to their old eating habits. Going on that diet means that they won’t learn the habits of good eating.

Here’s a way that we can go about weight loss without the need to diet. For starters, we can give up all those added sugars like coke and all.

Another thing that we can do is reduce calories by eating more homemade meals and fresh produce.

Exercise makes people happy as it releases this endorphin called Serotonin. Many people have stressors such as work and family and exercise helps to reduce some of that stress. There are lots of ways to exercise such as walking or running.

So no you don’t need to go on a diet to lose weight. Rather you just need to learn patience and good healthy living habits such as exercise.

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  1. behealthynowblog

    I agree, these are certainly the first things somebody should do when trying to lose weight. No diet! I think it’s all about taking things slowly and slowly making changes to your life that will make a difference.

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