Week 37 of triathlon training

This week it was after a very heavy period so I did not feel like running much. Also ovulation pains started. But I biked 35km and burnt 660 calories. I still have a long way to go in both nutrition and biking.

And then Wednesday I felt much better. I ran 10kms and biked 23km and burnt 451 calories. I think it was all the nutrition that I am now starting to have from Herbalife. I now have a bit more energy to do stuff. The weight hasn’t come off yet and its slow to do so. But at least I’m peeing lots.

Then Friday I got my running mojo back and did a really good 10km race.

Then on Saturday I did lots of strength training at the gym. Unlike my friend who gives up just after half an hour we never give up. We keep going until its done.

Sunday’s run was really good. This time I burnt 1325 calories running 28 kms and the usual. It did start a little bit late due to the welcoming match at the MCG and I went to go and see that. But other than that its all good.

The nutrition from Herbalife has helped me lots with this week’s long run. Without it, I would be lost. Without it I would not have much energy for my workouts and be a fat frumpy person.

I have been having some sleeping problems, where I sleep for a bit and then get up to go to the bathroom. I think its because of the cold. Melbourne has been having some really cold nights and I don’t sleep so well in the cold. I think it really has affected some of my runs. I’m not sure what I can do about this.

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