17 Healthy places to check out whilst in Melbourne by Akira

The ticket for the Melbourne Marathon is expensive not to mention flights to and from Melbourne as well as hotel rooms. This list of places covers a wide range of cuisines and diets as well as all of their dishes is under $20 each. And that doesn’t include drinks as you should only be having water.

  1. Vegie Bar- this is primarily a vegetarian place and they do have vegan food.
  2. Lentils as Anything- here you can pay whatever you want and they serve vegetarian goodness. Based in Abbotsford and St Kilda this is a must for any vegetarian and health enthusiast.
  3. Cumulus inc- they have $16-$20 breakfasts which include a drink. Everything else is just expensive and it is rated one of the best places in Melbourne’s CBD by all the food bloggers on Zomato.
  4. Aunty Maggies in Malvern and Carlton. – they are an organic place selling organic goods at reasonable prices.
  5. Invita- this is a place in Queen Victoria market whose prime focus is on healthy food and living.
  6. The borek shop- here they have $4 boreks which will fill you up and they are 400 calories each
  7. Poolside coffee- this place is in Melbourne City baths which is a gym hence everything is healthy
  8. Metro Baguettes- here they have $5 baguettes every day and they do fill you up. The place is right outside Flinders St station outside Fitness first gym. By the way, all the Fitness first platinum members get access to this gym and others all over Australia.
  9. Maker and Monger- Maker and Monger is a cheese place in Prahran market just around the corner from the train station if you are coming from Richmond, city and the eastern suburbs. Their cheese plates range from $10-$15 and they fill you up. Moreover, you can make a day of exploring the market.
  10. Rollo’s Kiosk in St Kilda- this place is a small tuck shop which sells every type of Australian beach food all under $15. They are in Marine Parade near the beach and on a nice sunny day, they are busy with beachgoers.
  11. Pressed juices- they are a chain store so you are bound to find one in your block in the city
  12. Schmuck’s bagels-they are in the law end of the city and they do really great bagels as featured in RMIT Newintstudents post.
  13. Kenny’s bakery- this is also a chain which focuses on Bhanh mi (a Vietnamese sandwich)
  14. Beluga- is a fish and chip shop in South Yarra which has huge portions for reasonable prices
  15. Wasshoi in Prahran Market- this place is run by the Japanese and they specialize in chicken, beef and pork dishes. They also specialize in Yuzu juice. Food is priced between $10-$12 and they are cash only. You can opt to have no sauce if you don’t like a lot of sauce. But they do use a thing known as fruit sauce which is a favorite with the Japanese
  16. Hinoki Japanese Pantry- although not cheap sushi you can find all your Japanese home cooking things in there.
  17. Claringbolds- they are a fish shop in Prahran market selling $1-$5 sushi.


Guys, I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your time in Australia.

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