Some snacks for the Melbourne Marathon that won’t break the bank

Guys here are some snacks that won’t break the bank and you can take with you on your long runs. In Australia there’s Aldi, Woolworths and Coles as well as the farmers markets where you can buy your items. Nuts You can buy nuts at  Queen Victoria Market at the Happy place for $12. TheyContinue reading “Some snacks for the Melbourne Marathon that won’t break the bank”


Week 40 of the triathlon training

This week I had my period so I was a little bit weak but that didn’t stop me from doing my bike ride of 21km. And then Wednesday I was a bit low on energy for the Tour De france run but I still managed an 18km run. The bike ride was ok- but IContinue reading “Week 40 of the triathlon training”

Some strength exercises at the gym

Always go slow and steady. These exercises are for women that want to lose the fat but gain muscle. This year there has been quite a few newcomers to the gym and some of them don’t know what they are doing. These are some of my favourites Kettlebells This one tones the arms and shoulders.Continue reading “Some strength exercises at the gym”

Trek Madone store launch

Trek is a bike brand and they have a store in Carnegie selling all sorts of bikes and bike products. Here they are really big but they compete with Bicycle superstore. We were invited to the launch of the new Madone bikes which are faster and more exhilarating. This is done in good timing withContinue reading “Trek Madone store launch”

Week 39 of Triathlon training

This week we started Tour De France which is a bit more rigorous training. There is a lot of run in this and it goes for 70 days. On Monday we did about 10km and then Tuesday it was 24km. Afterwards, I was so tired that I only burnt 600 calories on the bike andContinue reading “Week 39 of Triathlon training”

Weight watchers meeting: Our sucesses

We’ve had a few sucesses since joining the program. Since joining the program we’ve not had as many colds and more energy to do stuff. The program really taught us to appreciate more vegetables and fruits. Most fruits and vegetables are zero points so we can eat as much of them as we want to.Continue reading “Weight watchers meeting: Our sucesses”

Week 38 of triathlon training

This week I seemed to have got my mojo on track and I am now finally burning more calories on the bike and on the runs. I think my nutrition finally caught up to me. Have burnt 974 calories running and walking and 406 calories on the bike. I did close to 22km within 55Continue reading “Week 38 of triathlon training”

Dieting and why its not the way to go about weight loss

Nowadays lots of people want to lose weight fast. There is no such way as it is all about the hard work and effort. People see all those skinny pictures of people in the media and think that “I want to look like that!” But what they don’t realize is that many of those peopleContinue reading “Dieting and why its not the way to go about weight loss”

Orangetheory fitness opens soon in Melbourne.

Orangetheory Fitness is the new gym to be opened in September in Melbourne and already there is some hype about the founding member’s fees. But there is a soft opening in August. Here they tailor a workout and nutrition to support your goals. Whether it will be weight loss or gain lean muscle mass. TheyContinue reading “Orangetheory fitness opens soon in Melbourne.”

Week 37 of triathlon training

This week it was after a very heavy period so I did not feel like running much. Also ovulation pains started. But I biked 35km and burnt 660 calories. I still have a long way to go in both nutrition and biking. And then Wednesday I felt much better. I ran 10kms and biked 23kmContinue reading “Week 37 of triathlon training”

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