Some snacks for the Melbourne Marathon that won’t break the bank

Guys here are some snacks that won’t break the bank and you can take with you on your long runs. In Australia there’s Aldi, Woolworths and Coles as well as the farmers markets where you can buy your items.


You can buy nuts at  Queen Victoria Market at the Happy place for $12. They are organic hence the high price but they still taste good and you can ask for a sample


These are high in carbohydrate which will give you a bit of energy for the day. They have natural sugar and it is actually good for you


This one is good for the bones and if you have your own container you can portion it out. If not you can buy a singular tub at the supermarket. You can also add some protein powder in your yoghurt.

Museli slice

Homemade is best as you’ll know what is in it. Here you can buy most of the stuff at the supermarket.


I love the canned version and you can buy them at the supermarket. They cost around $2-$3 per can and you can put them with anything


This are good for your omega 3’s and you can buy them in a can for $1-$2. As runners we need our good fats and protein for muscle building.


Week 40 of the triathlon training

This week I had my period so I was a little bit weak but that didn’t stop me from doing my bike ride of 21km.


And then Wednesday I was a bit low on energy for the Tour De france run but I still managed an 18km run. The bike ride was ok- but I only burned 400 calories on it.

And then Thursday I only managed a 7km run before I called it quits. But at least my bike ride of 20km has been alright.

Friday I went a massive 26km and enjoyed myself.

Saturday’s small run had not much energy in there. I was still recovering from Friday night’s run of 26km.


But then on Sunday, I was all good to go. And this time I did not throw up my gels, like I did last Sunday. I am slowly getting used to long and strong runs again. It took me a while to do this and then there is the no support issue from my family again to deal with.

This time I tried the hill on Anderson st. It was hard but I managed it.

How do you deal with this? Do I just ignore them?


Some strength exercises at the gym

Always go slow and steady.

These exercises are for women that want to lose the fat but gain muscle. This year there has been quite a few newcomers to the gym and some of them don’t know what they are doing.


These are some of my favourites


This one tones the arms and shoulders. I love to swing the kettlebell 45 degrees for 10-12 reps. You do need to bend your knees a little bit to pick it up. The size of the bells vary so you do need to pick up the correct one. If you pick up one that is too heavy you could hurt yourself.

The balls

Another arm toning exercise. You lift this ball up on your head and then you throw it on the ground. Use your knees to pick up the ball and straight back. There are different size balls and if you are not sure you can ask one of the P/T’s that work there as to which size is the best for you.


There are all sorts of different weights for people to do at the gym such as lifting or lunges. If you are new to the gym you may want to ask someone how to do it. Do it the wrong way and you can injure yourself.


I love this exercise as it means stretching at the end. Simply get a yoga mat and just stretch.

Battle ropes

These are a lot of fun and can be done in thirty seconds. Just ask your PT on how they do this exercise.


They are so simple to do. Simply put one foot out in front of the other and bend your knee at a 45-degree angle.

Trek Madone store launch

Trek is a bike brand and they have a store in Carnegie selling all sorts of bikes and bike products. Here they are really big but they compete with Bicycle superstore.


We were invited to the launch of the new Madone bikes which are faster and more exhilarating. This is done in good timing with the Tour de France event. Staff are really knowledgeable and know their bikes well.

The Madone bikes come in three colors: purple, red and silver. Here they don’t make a lot of noise and the chain is easy to fix. They ride really easy too which is a good thing and they are lightweight. They are the ultimate triathlon bike as they are quite fast.


Price is negotiable and you can bargain for now.

Do try out the Trek Madone bikes and you can see their range here

Week 39 of Triathlon training

This week we started Tour De France which is a bit more rigorous training. There is a lot of run in this and it goes for 70 days.

On Monday we did about 10km and then Tuesday it was 24km. Afterwards, I was so tired that I only burnt 600 calories on the bike and I rode it within 100 mins.

It has been really cold lately but its ok with me.

Wednesday’s 24km run was fine and this time I bought some lollies as an energy source.

On Sunday’s run, I threw up afterward. Now could it be the Winners gels that I had without water? I had two of them.  Some of the gels work just fine without water and some don’t. I did do 29km that day.  I felt good about this run no doubt.\ and I tried some new sections of the course such as Albert Park.

Or could it be the Tour De France runs that lasted anywhere between 20-24kms throughout the course of the entire week?

Or could it be the new ibuprofen tablets that I had at lunch to relieve myself of period pain?

Weight watchers meeting: Our sucesses

We’ve had a few sucesses since joining the program. Since joining the program we’ve not had as many colds and more energy to do stuff.


The program really taught us to appreciate more vegetables and fruits. Most fruits and vegetables are zero points so we can eat as much of them as we want to. I have been eating about two serves of fresh fruit per day and about 2-3 serves of vegetables. Many people don’t even get that far.

Its not just a number on the scales. Its the way how your clothes feel after you lose the weight.  Muscle weighs much more than fat does. Water retention is also another thing. Another thing this week is that I felt much warmer even though its cold outside. This is due to the thermogenic drinks that I have been drinking.

Week 38 of triathlon training

This week I seemed to have got my mojo on track and I am now finally burning more calories on the bike and on the runs. I think my nutrition finally caught up to me. Have burnt 974 calories running and walking and 406 calories on the bike. I did close to 22km within 55 mins.

On Wednesday I was a bit lacklustre in the run but made up for it in the bike leg by burning 429 calories within that hour and I have a good teacher.

This week Tour De France is launched at my gym and as such I think I will take on the Tour De France 70 day run. It is going to be testing at times but nonetheless I think I will enjoy it.

Then on Sunday it was really windy and showery. I tried the Birdwood Ave section of the race and it was tough. It was all hills in that section and track. I also tried the Beaconsfield way and it was so windy. I managed to do 30km in the challenging conditions. It was not fun and I was hungry all the time. But I did learn something and that is to be stronger physically and mentally. I think I have PMS.

Dieting and why its not the way to go about weight loss

Nowadays lots of people want to lose weight fast. There is no such way as it is all about the hard work and effort. People see all those skinny pictures of people in the media and think that “I want to look like that!” But what they don’t realize is that many of those people have been airbrushed to look great for that business.


There are many diets out there on the market, some of which are restrictive like the Paleo, 5:2 diet etc. Most of them don’t work and most of the people will crave other foods.

In “The Shape We’re in”, by Bossley (2012) she says that most of the restrictive diets are dangerous because they cut out certain food groups. This book is about obesity and the diets that are out there in this world and how they shorten our lives. We need all five of them to survive. People die just by trying to survive on these diets.

And people on diets are more likely to regain the weight after they finish that diet. They will go back to their old eating habits. Going on that diet means that they won’t learn the habits of good eating.

Here’s a way that we can go about weight loss without the need to diet. For starters, we can give up all those added sugars like coke and all.

Another thing that we can do is reduce calories by eating more homemade meals and fresh produce.

Exercise makes people happy as it releases this endorphin called Serotonin. Many people have stressors such as work and family and exercise helps to reduce some of that stress. There are lots of ways to exercise such as walking or running.

So no you don’t need to go on a diet to lose weight. Rather you just need to learn patience and good healthy living habits such as exercise.

Orangetheory fitness opens soon in Melbourne.

Orangetheory Fitness is the new gym to be opened in September in Melbourne and already there is some hype about the founding member’s fees. But there is a soft opening in August.

Here they tailor a workout and nutrition to support your goals. Whether it will be weight loss or gain lean muscle mass. They are going strong in the States with its first branch in Australia opening in Melbourne.

They are on a class-based scheme and there are no individualized personal training options for people.

Here memberships during their soft opening are $108 per month. This is for founders members. After that, they go to $117 per month. You can also buy sessions as well.

I got to meet a few of their staff at their opening party and found them to be warm and welcoming. Now in a gym, I look for those things and at my gym, they are those things. Here I also got to meet a few people over snags and drinks.

They are based at Unit 5, 422 Collins Street
3000 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Do check out their Facebook page for all the details of their opening.

Week 37 of triathlon training

This week it was after a very heavy period so I did not feel like running much. Also ovulation pains started. But I biked 35km and burnt 660 calories. I still have a long way to go in both nutrition and biking.

And then Wednesday I felt much better. I ran 10kms and biked 23km and burnt 451 calories. I think it was all the nutrition that I am now starting to have from Herbalife. I now have a bit more energy to do stuff. The weight hasn’t come off yet and its slow to do so. But at least I’m peeing lots.

Then Friday I got my running mojo back and did a really good 10km race.

Then on Saturday I did lots of strength training at the gym. Unlike my friend who gives up just after half an hour we never give up. We keep going until its done.

Sunday’s run was really good. This time I burnt 1325 calories running 28 kms and the usual. It did start a little bit late due to the welcoming match at the MCG and I went to go and see that. But other than that its all good.

The nutrition from Herbalife has helped me lots with this week’s long run. Without it, I would be lost. Without it I would not have much energy for my workouts and be a fat frumpy person.

I have been having some sleeping problems, where I sleep for a bit and then get up to go to the bathroom. I think its because of the cold. Melbourne has been having some really cold nights and I don’t sleep so well in the cold. I think it really has affected some of my runs. I’m not sure what I can do about this.