Triathlon training week 36

Monday’s run was of 12km. It was around the Maribyrnong river. Afterwards, I had a farro and mixed grain salad and juice at the Boathouse.

Then on Tuesday, it was the first day of my period and I lost so much blood. So much so that my run of 12km was great but my bike of 20.7km was not soo great. I burnt 380 calories that day.

Then on Wednesday since it was the second day of my period I sagged a bit. I did a very slow run and on the bike burned 392 calories.

Thursday’s night run around St Kilda was a bit on the slow side as I was very hungry at times. It was the third day of my period and I bled a lot. I ran 16km during that time. But it was fun to run at night time in St Kilda. It was interesting seeing all the cars going into the city.

Friday’s ride of 20km in 50 mins was a bit on the slack side. This run was also a little bit on the weak side.

Then Sunday run of 29km from the city to St Kilda and Elwood and back was just fine. I had a good heart rate of 162 bpm. Not bad for a comeback run although I do need to work on my stretching and eating around 1900 calories in a day.

I vomitted afterwards. My body was not used to running this much after a break.

Oh and I watched my friend run their 100km trail run in the Tan to see that they gave up around the 75km mark. I think it may have been too hard for him. One day I’d like to give that a go just this once.

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