My week as a Gluten free runner

Going gluten-free is not easy particularly where there are so many places serving up gluten. Being gluten-free means getting rid of all the wheat, barley, rye and some of the other toxins from your diet.

But is it all that hard but worth it? We find out within seven days.


Day 1

5km very slow run

I tried to find something within the city shopping center of Melbourne central that is gluten free and the only thing that I could find was sushi. I had my homemade museli at home and I had two salads and yogurt today.

To prove that the task was a bit daunting I tried to look for places in the Entertainment book that was gluten-free. But luckily Mr. Burger’s chips were gluten free and so was the Chobani yogurt at Sole Motive’s event.

Day 2

60 min walk

Had Nandos chicken and chips and it wasn’t too bad. For a start their chicken is not in the deep fried batter- rather it is roasted. The only things that have gluten is bread. My homemade museli is gluten free

For dinner that night I had rice with an egg omelette and chicken

Day 3

Tried to find some gluten-free things to eat in the market. So far nothing. Being gluten-free is no fun sometimes.

But for breakfast, I had my own yogurt with dried fruits and homemade museli. So far am loving Tamar Valley Yoghurt as it is low in fat.

Day 4

Was home today and everything I ate was gluten-free. We had our own homemade Cheong fun.

Day 5

Was invited to a pizza place and I had to just sit there and watch as it was not gluten free. There were no gluten-free options on the menu. But dessert was gluten-free. And I really enjoyed it. Had a gluten free dinner of trout, beetroot salad, and rice

Day 6

At home, today and everything was gluten free because it was all homemade

Day 7

The rice was crispy chicken was gluten-free ( or so I think).  I had my homemade museli and shake and all is good.

So yes being gluten-free is on fun but with time it can be managed. More and more fast food places and restaurants should have gluten-free options on the menu. But if they don’t you could ask the waitress.

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