Week 7 of Weight Watchers meeting

This meeting was all about going shopping in the supermarket and planning ahead. As you know I love to shop at the supermarket and buy stuff that I actually need and can eat.


At the supermarket, I love buying vegetables and seeing what else is on offer. I hate some ready made meals but enjoy the wraps and salads on offer. I don’t usually go for the sushi unless its vegetarian.

I also enjoy reading the nutritional information on labels. That helps me to make some smart choices on foods. For example, I love seeing how much sugar is in our food and drink. What looks healthy may not be so healthy (ie it may have a lot of sugar in there).

I love sampling new foods in store and am always excited when a new product comes in the store.

I don’t mind the self-serve checkouts as it is easier to not be tempted by the food that others buy. And others buy a lot of junk food. These are the foods that make us fat. They buy heaps of them just because they are on special and are at the front of the store. Most of these have lots of sugar and empty calories.

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