Triathlon training week 33

This week I rode 35km and burnt nearly 700 calories. Almost becoming a vegetarian has made me ride faster.

Ran about 6km today with no soreness.

Then on Wednesday ran very well and rode alright. I got in 21 km and burnt 401 calories.

And then I told my parents about being vegetarian and my dad didn’t support the idea. I mean I have my Iron supplement and have lots of dairy. I also told them it was beneficial for me as a runner. And they were like its expensive. And I’m like no it’s not if you plan it properly and there are a lot of vegetarian places in Melbourne.

One place that I have been really going to is Lentils and enjoying everything there.

Then Thursday’s ride was 23km and I burnt 440 calories.

The most of us have Saturdays as rest days at home. So when a friend asked about going out I said no. They weren’t too happy but oh well.

And then Friday’s run was really bad. I was coughing a lot due to no B12 vitamin. Hence I decided to go pescatarian when I learned that a pescatarian is a form of vegetarian except they eat fish. And then I don’t have to miss out on the many fish places in Melbourne.

On Sunday’s run of 28km, I decided to try something a bit different and out of the blue. Out of the blue, I went for smoked mussels on okonomiyaki at Lentils. I was outside and they did not mind.

My run started in the city, went past the MCG, Swan St, Chapel St, Prahran Market, Commercial road, St Kilda Road, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond and then back to the city. We stopped by Elwood.

In the morning I was a bit breathless and out of energy but then came lunch and I was fine afterward.

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