NO meat May

No Meat May challenge was on this year and as in past years, we took up the challenge. No Meat May is about having no meat for the month but rather vegetarian meals.


It was hard to get the support from our families as they enjoy eating meat. But friends was much easier.

The reason why we did No Meat May was to make everyone aware of the problem about not getting enough fiber in the day. We should be having 31g of fiber per day but according to the Washington post, people get only 15g of fiber. Fiber intake for April was pretty low so we decided to make up for it.


As students studying Nutrition, Exercise and Online Journalism we learned that meat has a lot of saturated fat. We also learned that too much meat is bad for you. Many Australians eat three serves of meat per day and only one to two serves of vegetables per day. We should be having 4-5 serves of vegetables.


We love lentils and beans. Here I had lots of them at Lentils as Anything and we revisited the Abbotsford store. It was at Realfoods that we learned a lot about vegetarian and vegan food and was introduced to it. And now we really like the lifestyle.

This lifestyle is a lot healthier and I didn’t have as much PMS. In fact, I hardly had any. But I did have a really heavy period from the last month.

Readers, we encourage you to become vegetarian. Or at least try some vegetarian meals.


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