Hares and Hyenas with RUSU queer

RUSU queer department invited me along to their event at Hares and Hyenas. Idahobit is celebrated every year and this year is no different.

Idahobit is the International day of queer, gay, lesbian and bisexual people. RMIT celebrates this every year with parties and much more.

Hares and Hyenas is a wonderful bar to celebrate in and there they have their bookcases full of books.  It is a queer bar hence this was the perfect place.

Here they have a whole range of drinks on offer and all the wines are $8. Cocktails are $17. I only had one rose and it was really nice. I just had a quick sample of the red and that too was really strong.

There was no food on offer so RMIT brought along their own snacks and we did just fine.

Here the bartender was really friendly and down to earth with people.

Many thanks to RMIT for the invite and the wonderful times there.

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