Week 32 of Triathlon training

This week I had PMS and did not want to get up. I was sore and felt fat. And then only burned 640 calories. What’s wrong with me?

Last week I got a cold so I might still be recovering from that.

Then Wednesday’s ride was one the hardest rides and I burnt 431 calories riding 22km in 55 mins.

Due to my new diet of transitioning to a vegetarian, I recovered fast on Thursday. It was also one of the heaviest days of my period. I rode 23km and burnt 445 calories within 57 mins. This was a new record for me as I have never done that.

As a transitioning vegetarian, I am learning a lot about the benefits of being one. The benefits of being one mean that there are faster recovery times and I can do more in the long run.

Friday’s run of 6km was not that good. It was after the day that I lost the most blood and iron. Hopefully, as a newbie, I can learn heaps of ways about iron.

Then on Sunday, I ran about 29km. I started at Flinders St, then went past a quiet MCG, up Swan St, Chapel St, High St, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield Parade and then back to the city. The run felt really good thanks to the nutrition. On my run, I found that I had to go to the bathroom heaps and farted a bit. The vegetarian diet will take some time to get used to.

On the way, there were the Salvos getting their donations at the intersections.

Lunch was as per usual at Lentils and I had their soup. I really did enjoy their soup.

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