Triathlon training week 36

Monday’s run was of 12km. It was around the Maribyrnong river. Afterwards, I had a farro and mixed grain salad and juice at the Boathouse.

Then on Tuesday, it was the first day of my period and I lost so much blood. So much so that my run of 12km was great but my bike of 20.7km was not soo great. I burnt 380 calories that day.

Then on Wednesday since it was the second day of my period I sagged a bit. I did a very slow run and on the bike burned 392 calories.

Thursday’s night run around St Kilda was a bit on the slow side as I was very hungry at times. It was the third day of my period and I bled a lot. I ran 16km during that time. But it was fun to run at night time in St Kilda. It was interesting seeing all the cars going into the city.

Friday’s ride of 20km in 50 mins was a bit on the slack side. This run was also a little bit on the weak side.

Then Sunday run of 29km from the city to St Kilda and Elwood and back was just fine. I had a good heart rate of 162 bpm. Not bad for a comeback run although I do need to work on my stretching and eating around 1900 calories in a day.

I vomitted afterwards. My body was not used to running this much after a break.

Oh and I watched my friend run their 100km trail run in the Tan to see that they gave up around the 75km mark. I think it may have been too hard for him. One day I’d like to give that a go just this once.

Using some of your zero points in winter meals Weight watchers meeting

This wee we talked about using some zero points foods in winter meals. Winter has come at last and now we want comfort foods. There is a new book out called Cozy meals in winter and its $15.


Here my favourite meal is Malaysian laksa with noodles in it. I would take out the noodles and replace the coconut oil with condensed milk which is low fat. I would also put more vegetables in there. Most seafoods are zero points.

If I was a meateater my favourite meal would be lasagna. Here I would get rid of all the cheese and make it into an eggplant lasagna.

I had put on 1kg of weight this week and am trying to enjoy more of the zero points foods. Last week I went out too much for dinner due to a busy schedule and due to the rain over the weekend I did not go for my long run.  This week I hope to not go out so much for dinner.

Macro’s apple cider at Woolworths

I love Macro and Macro is at Woolworths. They used to have a shop in Richmond but that closed down.


It tastes like turmeric. It has that fire in my stomach and helps get rid of the cold. It is great in winter. Normally with apple cider vinegar, they can taste a bit dull. But I love this one as it is organic and full of flavor.

I got this for $6 at my local Woolworths. One teaspoon in water will do the trick. After a while it will aid digestion.

Do try this if you are wanting to lose the weight healthily. And no I’m not selling this, this is just my opinion.

My week as a Gluten free runner

Going gluten-free is not easy particularly where there are so many places serving up gluten. Being gluten-free means getting rid of all the wheat, barley, rye and some of the other toxins from your diet.

But is it all that hard but worth it? We find out within seven days.


Day 1

5km very slow run

I tried to find something within the city shopping center of Melbourne central that is gluten free and the only thing that I could find was sushi. I had my homemade museli at home and I had two salads and yogurt today.

To prove that the task was a bit daunting I tried to look for places in the Entertainment book that was gluten-free. But luckily Mr. Burger’s chips were gluten free and so was the Chobani yogurt at Sole Motive’s event.

Day 2

60 min walk

Had Nandos chicken and chips and it wasn’t too bad. For a start their chicken is not in the deep fried batter- rather it is roasted. The only things that have gluten is bread. My homemade museli is gluten free

For dinner that night I had rice with an egg omelette and chicken

Day 3

Tried to find some gluten-free things to eat in the market. So far nothing. Being gluten-free is no fun sometimes.

But for breakfast, I had my own yogurt with dried fruits and homemade museli. So far am loving Tamar Valley Yoghurt as it is low in fat.

Day 4

Was home today and everything I ate was gluten-free. We had our own homemade Cheong fun.

Day 5

Was invited to a pizza place and I had to just sit there and watch as it was not gluten free. There were no gluten-free options on the menu. But dessert was gluten-free. And I really enjoyed it. Had a gluten free dinner of trout, beetroot salad, and rice

Day 6

At home, today and everything was gluten free because it was all homemade

Day 7

The rice was crispy chicken was gluten-free ( or so I think).  I had my homemade museli and shake and all is good.

So yes being gluten-free is on fun but with time it can be managed. More and more fast food places and restaurants should have gluten-free options on the menu. But if they don’t you could ask the waitress.

Week 35 of triathlon training


IMG_20180610_160543This June has been one of the warmest Junes on record. We don’t really need a down jacket just yet as it is pretty warm out.

My bike ride of 37km was just fine and I burnt 660 calories. My run was a little bit on the slower side but its because I’m recovering from Sundays run.

And then Wednesday I was alright in the run and the ride.

Then Friday’s ride felt sloppy. It was only 20km within the one hour. What’s up with that?

Then on Sunday I walked in the rain to train for an upcoming race. I was a little bit drenched but it was ok. It was 13C outside.

I am that Yoga

Healthyintstudents was invited by Weekend notes to attend their opening night and did not have to pay

I am that Yoga is a new studio in Collingwood and here they are a small place in Emma st near Rose St. This is great news for runners as yoga and meditation are great sources of relaxation for runners.

The classes go for about an hour. Here they offer Vinyasa yoga, basic yoga, and meditation.  I tried Vinyasa yoga and it was so relaxing. After ten minutes you are in your own zone. The meditation room is very comfy and warm in there.

The place is welcoming and they do offer classes. The class that I went to was relaxing and very different than the one in Fitness first. They welcome latecomers and the instructor was a lovely smiling lady. I felt relaxed in that class.

There was refreshments and a pop-up market upstairs. And upstairs you’ll find the changerooms and bathroom. Here people mingled over nutritious food and vegan cheese. I found the dried fruit really addictive as I could not stop at one mouthful.

We took home some food and a goody bag. In the  goody bag, there was that museli which I enjoyed with milk

Many thanks for I am that Yoga for having me.

Week 9 of Weight Watchers meeting


This week we talked about moving more during the winter. It is hard to move lots during that season as it get colder and darker. We talked about walking groups and people that are in a walking group are likely to move more.

I go to the gym to exercise and talk to new people. As someone in the health and fitness industry we have to talk to people all the time. Its the only way to gain clients. All the time I see new Asian people trying out the equipment and they often do the wrong thing or don’t know how to use the equipment. Most of the clients there want to lose weight fast and often don’t eat properly. In my first year at the gym I went too fast and didn’t use the equipment properly and no one told me. Now I have some awesome friends who tell me. Other than that I love my RPM classes.

Simple seed eatery

Simple seed eatery is just a stone’s throw away from South Yarra station and in the same block as the Thai place and other health food eateries. I saw this place on my way to the train station and I had to try it. I had run out of coffee then.


Simple seed eatery has been opened for four years now but no one has written much about them or talked about them on Zomato. Not even Where’s the veg wrote about them.

They are a Vegan and Vegetarian health place which is why they landed up here and not on the other blog.

The staff were down to earth and very friendly. Everything is made in house with the exception of the pies.

Here the tofu and cheese toastie was nutrient dense and was great without the sauce. I really enjoyed the taste of the vegan cheese and scrambled tofu.

But the coffee was nothing much to write home about.

Do come by for your vegetarian food near the station. I hope they are in the Entertainment book soon as a way for people to get healthy.


The ripple effect Weight Watchers meeting

So this week I was asked to think about who would be my ripple effect. This effect would be encouraging them to change for the better. This week that person would be kristian.barker and you can find him on Instagram.


For me, I have had a fair few influences and that would be Elle’s journey to good health. She’s inspired me to become healthy in every possible way. She has done a fair few races and triathlons. I’m not particularly inspired by my family nor did my ripple effect of becoming a pescatarian influence them.

Elle does inspire me to become a pescatarian runner and be at my best. Another influencer for me would be jyefit as he inspired me to work hard at the gym.

Tea at the Doubletree Hilton hotel in short.

Tea at the Doubletree Hilton hotel is so relaxing. The restaurant is open and welcoming and patrons order drinks at the bar. Here you get some tea, cookies and an apple. They also have WI-Fi.

The service here is pretty friendly.

Their chocolate chip cookies are the best ones by far. They are big and yum.

I love their green tea as it is calming and relaxing and you need that hydration after a longish day at the gym.

Do come by this place whenever you are in Melbourne.

Address is: 270 Flinders Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000