Your health on a student budget

Students do you want to be healthy without the need for money? If so here are some tips!



Orientation is the time that you get to know your uni and its services. They are often at the start of the uni year. There are heaps of free activities for students. Some of them are sports like. Students can join the many sports clubs on offer



Buy your gym passes online and save heaps of money. You can even buy them from Scoopon and Groupon for a fraction of the cost.

Free food days

Who says that you have to spend all your money on food? There is such a thing known as free food days. Most student unions have free breakfasts for all students, but you just have to ask the Student Union.

And most Student Unions have a cupboard where you can access free food if you need it


These are your friend and you should make use of them when you can. The Queen Victoria Market is in Melbourne’s CBD and they¬†always have cheap stuff for students. What’s more you can take a foodies tour. They aren’t cheap but Groupon and Scoopon have deals on a regular basis.

But your uni also has farmer’s markets from time to time and they will


Student services

Who said that going to the doctor is expensive? Well, you can go to the one on campus and they will assist you. More so it is free for students.

But if there isn’t one on campus, your OHSC may cover some or all of the costs. It pays to shop around for the best provider as the uni’s one may not be the best provider for you.

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