Week 29 of the triathlon challenge

This week felt a little bit weak and tired from all the training last week and having my period. It was also the start of Meat free May.

For some reason I got the trots again as I kept on trotting after my run. The energy gel that I had did it no good.

And then today’s bike ride of 21.8km was a bit lacklustre as I know that I can do better than that.

Wednesday’s ride didn’t fair any better with 21.7km. My run was all over the place and I┬áhad heavy legs.

Then Friday’s ride of 22.5 km was better and it was done in 55 minutes. It was day 10 after my period so I might have regained iron by then and have a bit more energy. The run that day was better too.

Then Sunday I ran 27.35km within 4 hours and 45mins. I was a bit slow in the morning but that was due to the crowds at the Sweet festival in Prahran market and at the MCG area where Richmond played Fremantle and won. My legs couldn’t wake up to themselves until 11:30am. The run started at 10:50am.

We ran from the city, past the MCG, Swan st, Chapel st, past Prahran Market, Commercial road, Fitzroy st, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield Parade and then back to the city. It was a nice 21C day.

Lunch was at Lentils. And it was a lentil dahl which is high in fiber.

I tried out the energy chews and at first they made me puke as I ran straight after chewing one. But after a while I got used to it.

I don’t know why I keep on having the trots after a long run but after a shorter run and ride its never happened.

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