Capilano Molasses

I got these on special for $3.50 at Woolworths.

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Molasses is a source of iron and potassium and women need these for their day to day activities. Without it we feel lethargic. We lose iron due to menstruation. Ever since I have had molasses most days I have stopped coughing and dry reaching during my period. It hasn’t stopped the PMS in its entirety.

I tried these on my third day of my period. Here this is after I lost a lot of iron hence this was to just to just top up my iron stores. It is unsulphered molasses and its only 5% of your daily iron intake. It has about 293mg of potassium in there.

It is not too sweet and I enjoy it on its own or in a sauce with rice. So far it has given me the iron boost that I need as a runner. As a female runner, running in summer, I have needed more iron. As a female runner we lose a lot due to sweat and I am a heavy sweater.

Do buy the molasses at your local Woolworths store now. You can bake a cake with it and I plan to try it one day.

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