Week 28 of Triathlon Training

I burnt 631 calories on the bike and went 34km.

Didn’t sleep so well and now my period is here. This month I did not eat as much fat and did lots of strength training. This has really helped me handle the bike well. In the first year of RPM, I felt really tired all the time and I was not balancing it well. I was light-footed and hated the climbs. Now I love the climbs.

I also found that strength training has helped me run well and have more energy for good runs. I also found that I’m not so tired after a long run.

Was watching a webinar on Youtube and found that you need the confidence to do Ironman. I have some in the marathon but not an Ironman.

Five mistakes that an athlete needs to know:

  1. Doing too much too soon- doing too many races in a year
  2. Overtraining- don’t do more than 15 hours a week.
  3. Not enough recovery- what I mean is about one or two days of rest. rest is always needed before the big race. Have a plan.
  4. Rigidness- change it up. You need to be flexible and realistic.
  5. Inconsistency.

Don’t try anything new on race day. Plan everything ahead.

Then on Thursday, I did a night run and it was the second day of my period. I was happy with this run as it was all good and sweaty. And I had lots of energy thanks to my Swisse tablets.

On Sunday I went for a run of 24km which took me around the city, MCG, Chapel St, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond and then back to the city.  Having come early because of no trams I decided to challenge myself.

I burnt 1632 calories and then I did some stretching afterward. I was puffed and sore when I got back to the city.

Lunch, of course, was at Lentils.

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