Being happy with your weight

With so many articles nowadays on eating disorders, I’d thought I’d write this post. Too many people in the world have things such as anorexia and bulimia and at such a young age.

As a student studying Online Journalism and Nutrition and Exercise, I find that this issue is of a concern to me and other dieticians. It is a cost to society and some people take their lives due to the anxiety and fear. People are also hospitalized and the cost of treatment can be too much for some.


Yes, being apple-shaped is dangerous. But there is such a thing as being too thin and sickly. The WHO classifies that having a BMI of 18.5  and under is dangerously thin. Luckily for us, there are body shapes and types and I’m a pear shape person. The WHO also classifies people who have a BMI of 30 or greater as obese.

We should be happier for being healthier rather than being a skinny model. Too many times on TV and in magazines we see these skinny models which most of them have been photoshopped to look good. There should be bigger models which are healthy but then again they lose their readership and viewers and business will close.

We should be happier with who we are rather than what we look like. We shouldn’t judge people on what they look like alone.

Week 31 of Triathlon training

Tuesday’s bike session was 1hr and 35mins and I did 36km in that time. Had a bit of a cold but it didn’t bother me at all especially at the second hour. Didn’t sleep too well last night.

The run was alright.

And then on Wednesday, I peeed on myself when I went walking. There was no bathroom nearby. So that got me asking: does everyone pee on themselves when running or doing a triathlon? I looked up the answer online and it said yes. But most people pee on the bike part of it as there are usually no bathrooms anywhere on the course.

And then on Friday, my run was good but my bike was terrible. I did 20.5 km and burnt 370 calories. I was a bit drunk from the shopping event. Not a happy Jan.

But then Sunday, my run of 31 km went alright. I ran it in 4.5 hours and am happy to say that being a vegetarian has its benefits. For starters, there is more energy in the way I run. When I had all those saturated fats I was a very slow runner. I now have a bit more fiber. As an adult, we need 31 g of fiber daily. And I threw up my gels and things.

I had a cold but that didn’t affect my run too much. The good about being a vegetarian is that your colds don’t affect you too much.

I had a mushroom soup at Lentils for lunch. It was really nice and a great way for me to fill up.

I ran from the city, past Buddha’s day, past the MCG, on Anderson Hill, Domain road, Park St, Chapel St, Commercial Road, St Kilda Road, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield parade, and back. Point Ormond was so windy. And it was also drizzling at this point but not cold.

Weight Watchers meeting week 5

This week we talked about avoiding temptation. For example, it can be going to the movies and avoiding the need to buy popcorn altogether by bringing your own snacks.


Do you ever have that 3pm craving at work where you want chocolate? It’s about three hours since you last ate! One way to avoid this is by drinking more water and eating more vegetables and fruit.

Instead of food, how about going for a walk or the gym? Or drinking more water?


My biggest win that week would have to be eating more vegetables and flushing out all that toxins from the body.  This week I have had some completely vegetarian meals and skipped all the Chinese meals outside. There were some new people this week and their biggest wins would be using the app and tracking their food. And then they would notice a difference.

Oh and I eat oats and it makes a huge difference to my diet. Now I’m farting a little bit more plus getting rid of other toxins. I’ve introduced a lot more zero points food this week. I haven’t lost weight but that’s ok.

Chaos and Order: The art exhibition

Have you ever felt chaos before in your life? I have heaps of times. My room’s a mess, I drink too much.

Well, Healthyintstudents was invited to the launch of New Order at RMIT University and yes they had too much to drink. There was no food there and they should have been told to bring some. Now we normally drink with food. Except this time we had three of their lovely wines each.

It has been a while since free wine was introduced and people got really drunk. Perhaps if there was a cost for the drinks people would not be so drunk and the cost would go back to keeping their studio alive. It would be, say $5-$15 with complimentary food as I thought there was for the amount of alcohol brought. Then it would be easier to avoid temptation.

The exhibition was great fun. There is a bit of equity in there but I think its more about the human mind and people’s feelings. In the main room, it felt like chaos and then with the sexual cheeky artwork I felt happy.

The dance made me feel harmonized. The dancers have been practicing for days.

Downstairs at the First site gallery, it felt dark and cool. The lighting was very dark.

Here are the details of this exhibition:

Venue: RMIT Gallery, RMIT City campus, (Building 16, Level 1), 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Cost: Free
Opening hours: RMIT Gallery is open Monday to Friday 11am–5pm, Thursday 11am–7pm, Saturday 12pm–5pm, and closed Sunday and public holidays.

Good nutrition month

Good nutrition month was held this year in April. Here it was to promote healthy ways of eating. The month started in easter where chocolate and lots of food was to be had. Instead, I didn’t eat a lot of chocolate but lots of fish at home for Good Friday.

Normally we are healthy people but Australia has about 66% of the population which is overweight. This is a serious issue in Australia and one which can be tackled by good eating and exercise.

I picked to do it in April instead of March is because this is where many people go for the comfort food. It is in the colder months in Australia.

In the first few days of starting this month, we felt clean and need to go to the toilet lots. We also got diarrhea from eating all the bad food in March. At the beginning of the month I was fat and by the end, I was skinny as. Lots of vegetables were eaten as well as homecooked meals.

Drank a lot more water that month. Hopefully, this can continue for a long while.

My periods at the end of the month were less painful and I cut back on coffee and now am down to two tablespoons a day. I used to have three at the beginning.

Week 30 of triathlon training

Rode 22.2km in about 55 mins. I felt more energetic after eating lots of vegetables.

During my run yesterday I developed a corn and a bit of rubbing from wearing the wrong sock. I was fine last Sunday with my shoes and the right sock. But yesterday I wore a stocking sock as all my other socks were in the wash.

Also my runners may have shrunk a little bit due to all the sweat etc.

But Wednesday’s run was much better and less painful. I rode 24 kms within an hour which is not bad. But what’s going on with my heart rate? This week it has been on the low side.

By Friday my foot had grown a bit and I was able to run. I also got into the habit of putting Odour eaters in my shoes to get rid of the sweat.

By Sunday I ran 26 km starting from Flinders St and then around the Tan. It was slow at the Arts Centre as people came out of the Mothers day classic fun run. I saw some of the Mother’s day classic and won a Hydralite pack which I tried at Lentils. Here they replenished my electrolytes and I ran on.

I was a little bit slow at first but as my run went on I was fine afterward. And I managed to get to 173Bpm and spewed a bit of carrot later on Collins St.

Oh and I also tried a Chia Pod

I got no trots so far but I did spew up about 0.1% of my lunch which happened to be a lentil burger at Point Ormond. I think I ran too fast and my food did not digest properly. I also took a gel at Lentils. Usually, I’m fine with this sort of thing.

And then I ran back to the City with no issues.

Weight watchers meeting week 5


This week it was all about the negative thoughts like “I made this mistake”, “Oh I forgot to track this food and it will be the end of me”, “Oh I ate these sweets and that will be the end of the journey!”. Thoughts like these sabotages someone’s weightloss.

So how can we turn them around? It could be like “Oh well, I ate these sweets and I’ll start again tomorrow” or “I did not exercise today, I will do it again tomorrow”. Things like that would make someone feel like they are not a failure. And they can get back up again.

This week I lost weight due to losing all that water and trying to up my fiber. And there were some new people at the meeting which was great. So far my Weight Watchers coach has been very friendly and open minded. They also help people be accountable for their goals.

Weight Watchers meeting week 4

This week it was about snacking. People snack for many different reasons including emotional eating which can lead to weight gain.


Some of the snacks mentioned were yogurt. A huge favorite of mine is Greek no fat yogurt from Jalna. I also love fruits and these are all zero points. I don’t like yogurt which has too much sugar.

I love eating vegetables and this theme ties in with the No meat may which encourages people to eat more vegetables. Not many people eat a lot of vegetables and I would love to try and encourage people to eat more.

Also, another snack that I like are almonds which are 2 sp.  I love the Weight watchers snacks which means that I can eat treats guilt free. And they are low in points.

Try and avoid snacks which have a lot of sugar in them. Chocolate and chips are just treat foods to only have sometimes.

Week 29 of the triathlon challenge

This week felt a little bit weak and tired from all the training last week and having my period. It was also the start of Meat free May.

For some reason I got the trots again as I kept on trotting after my run. The energy gel that I had did it no good.

And then today’s bike ride of 21.8km was a bit lacklustre as I know that I can do better than that.

Wednesday’s ride didn’t fair any better with 21.7km. My run was all over the place and I had heavy legs.

Then Friday’s ride of 22.5 km was better and it was done in 55 minutes. It was day 10 after my period so I might have regained iron by then and have a bit more energy. The run that day was better too.

Then Sunday I ran 27.35km within 4 hours and 45mins. I was a bit slow in the morning but that was due to the crowds at the Sweet festival in Prahran market and at the MCG area where Richmond played Fremantle and won. My legs couldn’t wake up to themselves until 11:30am. The run started at 10:50am.

We ran from the city, past the MCG, Swan st, Chapel st, past Prahran Market, Commercial road, Fitzroy st, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield Parade and then back to the city. It was a nice 21C day.

Lunch was at Lentils. And it was a lentil dahl which is high in fiber.

I tried out the energy chews and at first they made me puke as I ran straight after chewing one. But after a while I got used to it.

I don’t know why I keep on having the trots after a long run but after a shorter run and ride its never happened.

Your health on a student budget

Students do you want to be healthy without the need for money? If so here are some tips!



Orientation is the time that you get to know your uni and its services. They are often at the start of the uni year. There are heaps of free activities for students. Some of them are sports like. Students can join the many sports clubs on offer



Buy your gym passes online and save heaps of money. You can even buy them from Scoopon and Groupon for a fraction of the cost.

Free food days

Who says that you have to spend all your money on food? There is such a thing known as free food days. Most student unions have free breakfasts for all students, but you just have to ask the Student Union.

And most Student Unions have a cupboard where you can access free food if you need it


These are your friend and you should make use of them when you can. The Queen Victoria Market is in Melbourne’s CBD and they always have cheap stuff for students. What’s more you can take a foodies tour. They aren’t cheap but Groupon and Scoopon have deals on a regular basis.

But your uni also has farmer’s markets from time to time and they will


Student services

Who said that going to the doctor is expensive? Well, you can go to the one on campus and they will assist you. More so it is free for students.

But if there isn’t one on campus, your OHSC may cover some or all of the costs. It pays to shop around for the best provider as the uni’s one may not be the best provider for you.