Being happy with your weight

With so many articles nowadays on eating disorders, I’d thought I’d write this post. Too many people in the world have things such as anorexia and bulimia and at such a young age. As a student studying Online Journalism and Nutrition and Exercise, I find that this issue is of a concern to me andContinue reading “Being happy with your weight”


Week 31 of Triathlon training

Tuesday’s bike session was 1hr and 35mins and I did 36km in that time. Had a bit of a cold but it didn’t bother me at all especially at the second hour. Didn’t sleep too well last night. The run was alright. And then on Wednesday, I peeed on myself when I went walking. ThereContinue reading “Week 31 of Triathlon training”

Weight Watchers meeting week 5

This week we talked about avoiding temptation. For example, it can be going to the movies and avoiding the need to buy popcorn altogether by bringing your own snacks. Do you ever have that 3pm craving at work where you want chocolate? It’s about three hours since you last ate! One way to avoid thisContinue reading “Weight Watchers meeting week 5”

Chaos and Order: The art exhibition

Have you ever felt chaos before in your life? I have heaps of times. My room’s a mess, I drink too much. Well, Healthyintstudents was invited to the launch of New Order at RMIT University and yes they had too much to drink. There was no food there and they should have been told toContinue reading “Chaos and Order: The art exhibition”

Good nutrition month

Good nutrition month was held this year in April. Here it was to promote healthy ways of eating. The month started in easter where chocolate and lots of food was to be had. Instead, I didn’t eat a lot of chocolate but lots of fish at home for Good Friday. Normally we are healthy peopleContinue reading “Good nutrition month”

Week 30 of triathlon training

Rode 22.2km in about 55 mins. I felt more energetic after eating lots of vegetables. During my run yesterday I developed a corn and a bit of rubbing from wearing the wrong sock. I was fine last Sunday with my shoes and the right sock. But yesterday I wore a stocking sock as all myContinue reading “Week 30 of triathlon training”

Weight watchers meeting week 5

This week it was all about the negative thoughts like “I made this mistake”, “Oh I forgot to track this food and it will be the end of me”, “Oh I ate these sweets and that will be the end of the journey!”. Thoughts like these sabotages someone’s weightloss. So how can we turn themContinue reading “Weight watchers meeting week 5”

Weight Watchers meeting week 4

This week it was about snacking. People snack for many different reasons including emotional eating which can lead to weight gain. Some of the snacks mentioned were yogurt. A huge favorite of mine is Greek no fat yogurt from Jalna. I also love fruits and these are all zero points. I don’t like yogurt whichContinue reading “Weight Watchers meeting week 4”

Week 29 of the triathlon challenge

This week felt a little bit weak and tired from all the training last week and having my period. It was also the start of Meat free May. For some reason I got the trots again as I kept on trotting after my run. The energy gel that I had did it no good. AndContinue reading “Week 29 of the triathlon challenge”

Your health on a student budget

Students do you want to be healthy without the need for money? If so here are some tips! Orientation Orientation is the time that you get to know your uni and its services. They are often at the start of the uni year. There are heaps of free activities for students. Some of them areContinue reading “Your health on a student budget”

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