Week 12 of the Priceline challenge

This week was ok. It’s the end of the challenge.  Here I have a few things to reflect on,


I didn’t really lose much weight but I picked a lot of things during the three month program. Things like time management and stress are one of the biggest things that I picked up on.

I am 50.2kgs and have a body mass of 19 which is in the healthy range. I also increased my cholesterol to 50% which is moderate. And my sleeping seems to be much better. But occasionally I get that odd night where I don’t sleep so well. It is due to hormonal changes.

I don’t smoke and never had during the program.

In this program,  I have learned to appreciate a lot more home-cooked meals. I have loved a lot more vegetables now. And  I have learned to appreciate the Weight Watchers way.

I hope that in the many months to come I can learn to appreciate the healthier way of living and not just lose weight just because I want to. Weight Watchers has shown me some of the ways of doing that.

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