Depression and Anxiety

Healthyintstudents takes a bit of a critical approach to depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are not nice feelings and they can disrupt your day to day living.


This is common for many International students to get it when they arrive in Melbourne. It could be from missing your family and friends back home or that the course is not what you expected.

Many students fail in their first semester or they are put at risk of exclusion.

Also if you are living far away from college you might not be able to have much of a social life. Hence many students get depressed.  But there are club and societies which make students feel welcome and they have all these welcoming events for students

Most students gain weight by feeling too stressed out about things. Stress produces a hormone called cortisol and it’s the cortisol that makes you gain weight. Also, it is said that some students cannot sleep at night when they have too many worries.

Depression is treatable but you might need to see the school counselor. They are highly trained to deal with these problems and are free for all students. They can get busy around exam time so its best to book a few weeks ahead

Another way to be rid of anxiety and depression is to run or exercise at the gym. The gym can be expensive but if you look online there are many deals around gyms. Fitness first often has discounts for students.

Meditation and yoga is another way of dealing with the problem. There are many classes throughout Melbourne free of charge and your student union might have some free classes. Just ask your union for details.


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