Week 26 in triathlon training

Didn’t sleep so well on Monday night as I am detoxing from coffee. But then on Tuesday, I rode 22kms within the hour which is great. Ran 6-7 km around South Melbourne and around the Tan.

Wednesday I was doing just fine. The same usual 22km, nearly 23km and then a good run of 7km.

But I also had the trots again which was not good. I had a lot of trots on Wednesday and Thursday night.

I rode 21.6 km on Friday and I was feeling tired. But I didn’t give up even though I wanted to. Ran 6km around Brunswick St. No trots then as my body had got used to the training by then.

Got the bouts of PMS this week. Was feeling hungry on Thursday night. Felt irritably tired on Friday and fine on Saturday.

My strength training is going well. So far am happy with what I am doing with my PT. Without them, I would have no idea what I’m doing.

Saturday was really windy and walking around was really hard.

Then on Sunday I went to the MS Cycle and run event. And I had a veggie burger whilst cheering people on. And then just before my run, I had a fruit smoothie. Not such a good idea as I nearly barfed in the first few km. And I wasn’t feeling quite so strong then.

I ran 22km from the city, onto St Kilda Road, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond, past the Elwood life-saving club, West beach bathers pavilion and then back to the city.

Other than that it was all good except for the rain in St Kilda. But it wasn’t too cold- only 19C.  I hadn;t had one of those days in quite some time.

Lunch was at lentils as usual.

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