Cheap and healthy ways for students to spend their one to two hour breaks

Here are some cheap ways for students to spend their time without breaking the bank and healthily of course!


Visit St Kilda beach

This is free and a good way to get outdoors. Here you can take the number 96 tram from the city to the beach. All at the cost of a daily myki which is $8.60 return.

Go to Lentils as Anything


Here you can eat good food and pay as you feel. They have about five branches all over Melbourne now. You can even donate online. They do vegetarian, wholesome food only and you won’t find coke, soft drinks or juices here.

Enjoy Froyo

Its not as sweet as yogurt but if you put really sweet toppings on it it can be too sweet. And very expensive. It is measured by the weight. This is really good for warm, summery days when ice cream is too sweet

Visit Melbourne Uni’s farmers market


They are on every Wednesday (during the semester that is) and its free entry for all. Here you can try lots and lots of food as well as enjoy a good lunch on the grass. Lunches are around $10-$12 and coffee is about $3-$5. You can also pick up some lovely fresh food to take home.

Volunteer at your university’s food co-op

Here you can learn some valuable skills to use in the workforce as well as learning how to cook. Every university has their own food co-op as they would love their students and staff to eat healthily.

Visit Queen Victoria Market

This is the only market that is in the free tram zone and its open on Tuesday’s, Thursdays through to Sunday. Here you can buy fruit for as little as $1. And you can also stock up on some fresh fruit and vegetables. Or devour a bratwurst or two.

Volunteer at Student Union

Your student union is always looking for volunteers to help out with their events and the day to day running of the union. If you volunteer you would get a free lunch plus a good reference for any job you apply for.

Be a Herbalife coach

N.B this doesn’t earn you a lot of money but you can pick up many skills to run your own business later on. You can volunteer to help out at fitclubs etc.



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