Week 25 of Triathlon training

This week I burned 700 calories whilst doing 100 mins of biking. In that time I got up to 37km. A big whoop for me as I have never ridden that far!

My run of 6-7km was ok.

But with that comes nutrition and I try my hardest in that respect. It isn’t always easy and my folks need to recognise this. Whilst I eat great food, my folks doesn’t understand the need for proper training. They also don’t understand the need for supplements.

During Friday’s bike ride of 21.4km I went to the bathroom a lot. This was because I had too many olives at a launch party as well as beer. Hence I did not do so well.

The St Kilda road works were noisy and were an inconvenience to most people. Hence I had to be a little bit slow around that area. But I tried running down Queens Road which was less busy.

Sundays run was a good 21.1km. This time instead of running up St Kilda road I decided to run past Port Melbourne for a change. It was a nice sunny day. Ran around Port Melbourne to St Kilda and then back to the city via St Kilda road.

It was a humid day today and I stopped by About life for juice and a banana. I didn’t eat a lot before the run and I didn’t sleep well either. I think this could be because I’m ovulating and the progestosterone¬†is on the rise.

On the way back at the Arts Centre there was free kombucha for all. I think it might have sparked the trots.

Then on Sunday afternoon when I came home I found that I have runners trots. Have been having them for the past two days now. It could be due to the humidity or other things. Which I don’t know of. Or it could be that I had to take ibuprofen for ovulation pain.

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