My first Weight Watchers meeting

Note: joining for the first month is free

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday and saw that many people are experiencing what you are feeling which is fat. They go there for the support and help from their coach. And some people get weighed in.


I went there to learn about their points system. And I now know that most fast foods and comfort foods attract points. Healthier foods attract little points. Fresh fruits, tofu, veg and other things attract zero points under the new Weight watchers freestyle plan.

Yesterday’s meeting was all about trigger foods. What are trigger foods you might ask? Trigger foods are comfort foods such as chocolate, cheese, wine, fast foods, coke. We can enjoy them only sometimes as they carry a lot of points. Last week was Easter and a lot of people had eggs. I only had two eggs and lots of fish.

My trigger foods are wine/beer and pub food.

But how do we overcome and plan for those sort of events? For a start, we can save up some points! Or we can do a bit more exercise to earn points. And we can not go out so much for dinner!

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