March goals and how did we go

This March there were some goals and we went alright.


  • There was no PMS- yippee thanks to the iron tablets. There was a bit of period pain though and I had to take ibuprofen
  • Our Vegetable intake was up- that is a bonus. We had a fair few days that were vegetarian. Finding vegetarian food is always hard at a restaurant but we did try. Most vegetarian meals have a meaty flavour.
  • Ran 160km altogether this month- that’s a first. We ran a lot of Sundays. And you can see the posts.

What we didn’t do so well in

  • Water was always an issue. There were some really hot days in March and water became an issue.
  • There was a conference on in March- we did just fine but it could have been a lot better.
  • Sleep- it was a bit crazy at times due to the heavy coffee load and some alcohol (not all drinks). Some days I slept about 4 hours.
  • The RPM we only got to 350 km and not 400km.

What we can do better in April

  • Is to drink more water
  • Sleep better
  • And eat more vegetables and less sugar.
  • Drink less caffeine as part of Good Nutrition Month.

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