Depression and Anxiety

Healthyintstudents takes a bit of a critical approach to depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are not nice feelings and they can disrupt your day to day living.


This is common for many International students to get it when they arrive in Melbourne. It could be from missing your family and friends back home or that the course is not what you expected.

Many students fail in their first semester or they are put at risk of exclusion.

Also if you are living far away from college you might not be able to have much of a social life. Hence many students get depressed.  But there are club and societies which make students feel welcome and they have all these welcoming events for students

Most students gain weight by feeling too stressed out about things. Stress produces a hormone called cortisol and it’s the cortisol that makes you gain weight. Also, it is said that some students cannot sleep at night when they have too many worries.

Depression is treatable but you might need to see the school counselor. They are highly trained to deal with these problems and are free for all students. They can get busy around exam time so its best to book a few weeks ahead

Another way to be rid of anxiety and depression is to run or exercise at the gym. The gym can be expensive but if you look online there are many deals around gyms. Fitness first often has discounts for students.

Meditation and yoga is another way of dealing with the problem. There are many classes throughout Melbourne free of charge and your student union might have some free classes. Just ask your union for details.

Week 12 of the Priceline challenge

This week was ok. It’s the end of the challenge.  Here I have a few things to reflect on,


I didn’t really lose much weight but I picked a lot of things during the three month program. Things like time management and stress are one of the biggest things that I picked up on.

I am 50.2kgs and have a body mass of 19 which is in the healthy range. I also increased my cholesterol to 50% which is moderate. And my sleeping seems to be much better. But occasionally I get that odd night where I don’t sleep so well. It is due to hormonal changes.

I don’t smoke and never had during the program.

In this program,  I have learned to appreciate a lot more home-cooked meals. I have loved a lot more vegetables now. And  I have learned to appreciate the Weight Watchers way.

I hope that in the many months to come I can learn to appreciate the healthier way of living and not just lose weight just because I want to. Weight Watchers has shown me some of the ways of doing that.

Triathlon training week 27

This week on Tuesday I rode 13km and burnt 220 calories. I was a bit rushed and a bit sleepy since it was lunchtime.

Then the run along St Kilda road was great.

I do worry about the finances though as it means that sometimes I cannot always do what I want.

I rode 22km on Wednesday and burnt 468 calories within that hour. This is the best I;’ve done so far with no stopping. The rest of the time its just strength training.

Running is ok- not my best that I have been.

Then Friday was quite good and instead of my usual bike training, I went to this launch called Zwift. Zwift is a bike company and here they specialize in bikes for the triathlon. And you can practice racing against people. They also tell you the bike rules and you can practice with it.

There are huge screens of races which I enjoy. I wasn’t great on the Zwift bike. The Zwift bike would take some time to get used to but if someone can buy it for my birthday in November and I have it in my gym then all great.

The only thing is you can’t adjust the handlebar for your height so you are constantly learning forward and on the handlebar.


Sunday’s run was 28 kms. Here I ran from the city to St Kilda and Port Melbourne and I saw the Challenge race and it reminded me of the cheating that goes on in marathons. Here I saw the awards being handed out.

The Challenge triathlon was well organized but they ordered too much food, so there was some left over and I took it home. There were lots of Red Bulls and Coke for all to drink. It was such a waste of resources. People pay the entry fee for these and now it is given to everyone

Now I know how I run on Coke and redbull and I run just fine with no toilet stops and on a nice 21C day it is appropriate.

At least I got to try some of the pickle juice on offer and picked up a race packet full of gels and powders for $17.

I ran back to the city in the afternoon. In the morning I was quite good but then in the afternoon, I was puffed out.

Lunch was a burger and rice at Lentils.


Week two Weight watchers meeting


This week we talked about not being perfect all the time and having that odd cheat day. This week I drank four alcoholic drinks- mainly at launches. I didn’t plan to have this many drinks, but they were given to me.  I normally have about one or two drinks per week.

This week I had a beef sausage roll.

I know I’m not perfect at finances but I try and plan ahead. Some weeks I spend more and some weeks I spend less. In a perfect world, I would spend nothing and have everything handed to me on a platter. And I would not lose or forget my change.

But in the end, we are all beautiful on the inside no matter what they say. We can be plump or skinny but its how we eat and exercise.

Week 11 of the Priceline Challenge


I’m now 49 kgs and I’m not too happy about this. Being a woman I thought I would gain more weight since I have periods.

But my fat is now 23.4%. I wondered if I ovulated at all. It turns out that I have as my clothes are a little bit tighter now. My water is ok.

But I have reached my goal of eating more cholesterol.

As for sleeping I still have those hormonal problems but other than that I am fine. Around my period I don’t sleep so well.

Three ways that I can treat myself if I meet my goal is: drink one small glass of wine with treat foods, watch a movie on Youtube, go to the movies and watch something.

I have a P/T now and most of the people in my gym have a healthy lifestyle. They manage to fit in family time around their gym work. This is someone that I can look up to.

Week 26 in triathlon training

Didn’t sleep so well on Monday night as I am detoxing from coffee. But then on Tuesday, I rode 22kms within the hour which is great. Ran 6-7 km around South Melbourne and around the Tan.

Wednesday I was doing just fine. The same usual 22km, nearly 23km and then a good run of 7km.

But I also had the trots again which was not good. I had a lot of trots on Wednesday and Thursday night.

I rode 21.6 km on Friday and I was feeling tired. But I didn’t give up even though I wanted to. Ran 6km around Brunswick St. No trots then as my body had got used to the training by then.

Got the bouts of PMS this week. Was feeling hungry on Thursday night. Felt irritably tired on Friday and fine on Saturday.

My strength training is going well. So far am happy with what I am doing with my PT. Without them, I would have no idea what I’m doing.

Saturday was really windy and walking around was really hard.

Then on Sunday I went to the MS Cycle and run event. And I had a veggie burger whilst cheering people on. And then just before my run, I had a fruit smoothie. Not such a good idea as I nearly barfed in the first few km. And I wasn’t feeling quite so strong then.

I ran 22km from the city, onto St Kilda Road, Fitzroy St, Point Ormond, past the Elwood life-saving club, West beach bathers pavilion and then back to the city.

Other than that it was all good except for the rain in St Kilda. But it wasn’t too cold- only 19C.  I hadn;t had one of those days in quite some time.

Lunch was at lentils as usual.

Cheap and healthy ways for students to spend their one to two hour breaks

Here are some cheap ways for students to spend their time without breaking the bank and healthily of course!


Visit St Kilda beach

This is free and a good way to get outdoors. Here you can take the number 96 tram from the city to the beach. All at the cost of a daily myki which is $8.60 return.

Go to Lentils as Anything


Here you can eat good food and pay as you feel. They have about five branches all over Melbourne now. You can even donate online. They do vegetarian, wholesome food only and you won’t find coke, soft drinks or juices here.

Enjoy Froyo

Its not as sweet as yogurt but if you put really sweet toppings on it it can be too sweet. And very expensive. It is measured by the weight. This is really good for warm, summery days when ice cream is too sweet

Visit Melbourne Uni’s farmers market


They are on every Wednesday (during the semester that is) and its free entry for all. Here you can try lots and lots of food as well as enjoy a good lunch on the grass. Lunches are around $10-$12 and coffee is about $3-$5. You can also pick up some lovely fresh food to take home.

Volunteer at your university’s food co-op

Here you can learn some valuable skills to use in the workforce as well as learning how to cook. Every university has their own food co-op as they would love their students and staff to eat healthily.

Visit Queen Victoria Market

This is the only market that is in the free tram zone and its open on Tuesday’s, Thursdays through to Sunday. Here you can buy fruit for as little as $1. And you can also stock up on some fresh fruit and vegetables. Or devour a bratwurst or two.

Volunteer at Student Union

Your student union is always looking for volunteers to help out with their events and the day to day running of the union. If you volunteer you would get a free lunch plus a good reference for any job you apply for.

Be a Herbalife coach

N.B this doesn’t earn you a lot of money but you can pick up many skills to run your own business later on. You can volunteer to help out at fitclubs etc.


Week 25 of Triathlon training

This week I burned 700 calories whilst doing 100 mins of biking. In that time I got up to 37km. A big whoop for me as I have never ridden that far!

My run of 6-7km was ok.

But with that comes nutrition and I try my hardest in that respect. It isn’t always easy and my folks need to recognise this. Whilst I eat great food, my folks doesn’t understand the need for proper training. They also don’t understand the need for supplements.

During Friday’s bike ride of 21.4km I went to the bathroom a lot. This was because I had too many olives at a launch party as well as beer. Hence I did not do so well.

The St Kilda road works were noisy and were an inconvenience to most people. Hence I had to be a little bit slow around that area. But I tried running down Queens Road which was less busy.

Sundays run was a good 21.1km. This time instead of running up St Kilda road I decided to run past Port Melbourne for a change. It was a nice sunny day. Ran around Port Melbourne to St Kilda and then back to the city via St Kilda road.

It was a humid day today and I stopped by About life for juice and a banana. I didn’t eat a lot before the run and I didn’t sleep well either. I think this could be because I’m ovulating and the progestosterone is on the rise.

On the way back at the Arts Centre there was free kombucha for all. I think it might have sparked the trots.

Then on Sunday afternoon when I came home I found that I have runners trots. Have been having them for the past two days now. It could be due to the humidity or other things. Which I don’t know of. Or it could be that I had to take ibuprofen for ovulation pain.

My first Weight Watchers meeting

Note: joining for the first month is free

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday and saw that many people are experiencing what you are feeling which is fat. They go there for the support and help from their coach. And some people get weighed in.


I went there to learn about their points system. And I now know that most fast foods and comfort foods attract points. Healthier foods attract little points. Fresh fruits, tofu, veg and other things attract zero points under the new Weight watchers freestyle plan.

Yesterday’s meeting was all about trigger foods. What are trigger foods you might ask? Trigger foods are comfort foods such as chocolate, cheese, wine, fast foods, coke. We can enjoy them only sometimes as they carry a lot of points. Last week was Easter and a lot of people had eggs. I only had two eggs and lots of fish.

My trigger foods are wine/beer and pub food.

But how do we overcome and plan for those sort of events? For a start, we can save up some points! Or we can do a bit more exercise to earn points. And we can not go out so much for dinner!

March goals and how did we go

This March there were some goals and we went alright.


  • There was no PMS- yippee thanks to the iron tablets. There was a bit of period pain though and I had to take ibuprofen
  • Our Vegetable intake was up- that is a bonus. We had a fair few days that were vegetarian. Finding vegetarian food is always hard at a restaurant but we did try. Most vegetarian meals have a meaty flavour.
  • Ran 160km altogether this month- that’s a first. We ran a lot of Sundays. And you can see the posts.

What we didn’t do so well in

  • Water was always an issue. There were some really hot days in March and water became an issue.
  • There was a conference on in March- we did just fine but it could have been a lot better.
  • Sleep- it was a bit crazy at times due to the heavy coffee load and some alcohol (not all drinks). Some days I slept about 4 hours.
  • The RPM we only got to 350 km and not 400km.

What we can do better in April

  • Is to drink more water
  • Sleep better
  • And eat more vegetables and less sugar.
  • Drink less caffeine as part of Good Nutrition Month.