Depression and Anxiety

Healthyintstudents takes a bit of a critical approach to depression and anxiety. Depression and anxiety are not nice feelings and they can disrupt your day to day living. This is common for many International students to get it when they arrive in Melbourne. It could be from missing your family and friends back home or that theContinue reading “Depression and Anxiety”


Week 12 of the Priceline challenge

This week was ok. It’s the end of the challenge.  Here I have a few things to reflect on, I didn’t really lose much weight but I picked a lot of things during the three month program. Things like time management and stress are one of the biggest things that I picked up on. I amContinue reading “Week 12 of the Priceline challenge”

Triathlon training week 27

This week on Tuesday I rode 13km and burnt 220 calories. I was a bit rushed and a bit sleepy since it was lunchtime. Then the run along St Kilda road was great. I do worry about the finances though as it means that sometimes I cannot always do what I want. I rode 22km onContinue reading “Triathlon training week 27”

Week two Weight watchers meeting

This week we talked about not being perfect all the time and having that odd cheat day. This week I drank four alcoholic drinks- mainly at launches. I didn’t plan to have this many drinks, but they were given to me.  I normally have about one or two drinks per week. This week I hadContinue reading “Week two Weight watchers meeting”

Week 11 of the Priceline Challenge

I’m now 49 kgs and I’m not too happy about this. Being a woman I thought I would gain more weight since I have periods. But my fat is now 23.4%. I wondered if I ovulated at all. It turns out that I have as my clothes are a little bit tighter now. My waterContinue reading “Week 11 of the Priceline Challenge”

Week 26 in triathlon training

Didn’t sleep so well on Monday night as I am detoxing from coffee. But then on Tuesday, I rode 22kms within the hour which is great. Ran 6-7 km around South Melbourne and around the Tan. Wednesday I was doing just fine. The same usual 22km, nearly 23km and then a good run of 7km.Continue reading “Week 26 in triathlon training”

Cheap and healthy ways for students to spend their one to two hour breaks

Here are some cheap ways for students to spend their time without breaking the bank and healthily of course! Visit St Kilda beach This is free and a good way to get outdoors. Here you can take the number 96 tram from the city to the beach. All at the cost of a daily mykiContinue reading “Cheap and healthy ways for students to spend their one to two hour breaks”

Week 25 of Triathlon training

This week I burned 700 calories whilst doing 100 mins of biking. In that time I got up to 37km. A big whoop for me as I have never ridden that far! My run of 6-7km was ok. But with that comes nutrition and I try my hardest in that respect. It isn’t always easyContinue reading “Week 25 of Triathlon training”

My first Weight Watchers meeting

Note: joining for the first month is free I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday and saw that many people are experiencing what you are feeling which is fat. They go there for the support and help from their coach. And some people get weighed in. I went there to learn about theirContinue reading “My first Weight Watchers meeting”

March goals and how did we go

This March there were some goals and we went alright. There was no PMS- yippee thanks to the iron tablets. There was a bit of period pain though and I had to take ibuprofen Our Vegetable intake was up- that is a bonus. We had a fair few days that were vegetarian. Finding vegetarian foodContinue reading “March goals and how did we go”

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