Triathlon training week 22

This week I went a little bit backwards on the bike. I got 20.5km done and a five km run. St Kilda road was pretty busy and very hectic at 3pm on a Tuesday. Resistance training was just fine.

I’m trying this new diet where I have more vegetables and fewer calories. I hope this works as during the holidays I put on a bit of weight.

And then Wednesday I seemed to have burned 395 calories on the bike by riding 21km and then I did a little bit of HIIT

Peter’s class on Thursday was really well. I burnt 402 calories and rode 21.5 km. Friday I did a run and I felt pretty good about it afterwards.

Then on Sunday it was very windy at Point Ormond. Sand was thrown everywhere and I had sand all over my feet and seawater on my hair. As a result I washed up at the gym.

It was going to be a usual 21km race but the wind really cutt me off by 2km. It started at Flinders st and ended there, but I had to take a tram just to get out of that wind. Oh and I was slowed by the crowds coming out of the Run for the Kids event at the start as everyone had just finished.

Lunch was at Lentils as per usual.

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