Hinoki Japanese Pantry

This place has a lot of Japanese goods and they have some fresh sushi. Located on Smith st, Fitzroy, this place is a must for all foodies.

Here they sell all sorts of Japanese groceries and alcohol. Everything is from Japan. And its a wide variety of stuff. I have tried their miso soup and enjoy it.

As for their sushi you order at the bar and then you pay at the grocery counter.

The last time I was there I tried their inari and nigiri pack which is packed with all the goodness that a runner needs. A female runner needs calcium for bones, protein for muscles and lots of good fats for hormones and her regular monthlies.

I also love the fact that they have drinks here. Whilst there I tried a ramune. A ramune is a Japanese lemonade which is not as sweet or as carbonated as other soft drinks.

I really enjoyed trying their wasabi as it was quite hot. In the Japanese roulette they always have one piece filled with lots of wasabi.

Do come by this Japanese grocer whenver you are in Melbourne. Oh and feel free to explore Smith st whilst you are at it. They are only a short distance away from the city by foot. You can easily run the 3km there.


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