Week 8 of the Priceline Health tracker

This week is all about time management and planning. I know I have to exercise every day and I do that a lot. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week as part of triathlon training. I don’t have a log as such but I do use myfitnesspal.


When things don’t go my way I usually think about another way to do it.

As I live with flatmates who love different things I cannot always plan meals. But I can plan lunch, breakfasts and snacks. I know which days I am going out for tea. My days would be Wednesday and sometimes Friday. The menu for the meals is online so I would check it out before going.

As for eating mindfully, this would be something that I need to do more of. A food review on something that I ate would be on my other blog. And I have many.

Time management is a must in our daily lives. Most people use a planner. I don’t have a planner but I know what things need to be done most days. Procrastination is something that many people have to deal with their busy lives. Prioritising is something that we learned. We need to do one task at a time and do the important ones first. What I can give less time to is Youtube. Youtube robs us of time that I can spend on other things.

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