Week 7 of the Priceline health tracker

I am now 51.2kgs which is not bad but I have 24.2% of body fat which I might want to try and get rid of. It could be that I’m not eating enough fibre.

I have a station score of 9.6 out of 10 which is great. Three up from the last time. I still have 63% in the nutrition range.

The blood pressure is down now that I’m not so stressed about assignments. But I have 47% in the emotional range. That is bad.


This week we learnt all about diet and myths. It is ok to have that treat once in a while. And it is not a good idea to cut out certain food groups.  The diet and supplement industry is huge at the moment. People are online searching for things like weight loss pills, diets, etc and we should not. We should be enjoying whole foods with a few treats in between.

The only diet that I like are the Herbalife type ones. You don’t have to sell anything but the idea is that it does not cut out certain food groups. And I can’t survive on having too little calories.

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