Triathlon training week 21

Boy time flies when you are having too much fun. And fun I had when I rode 34km in the hour and a half and burnt 633 calories during that hour.


My running has had a bit of ups and downs this week with a bit of walking. I rode 22km and 402 calories the next day and it was International Women’s day. I ate a lot then and felt a bit bad about it. I had a new teacher that day and he was amazing. He taught lots of really hard stuff!

International women’s day is all about celebrating our successes. My success is running a long race. But so far no donations yet even though someone bought a book off me.

Friday’s bike ride was 20km and as per usual I had been drinking. But I had been drinking a really strong beer and I was a little bit drunk for an hour or two. But in the end I sobered up to go home.

On Sunday I ran 21kms. I did most of it in the afternoon and I felt good. I went from Flinders st, Collins st, Brunswick st (note I had to take a tram because someone was acting like a drunken idiot), St Kilda road, St Kilda, Kerferd st and back.

Lunch was at Lentils and because it was vegan day I went to the Cruelty shop on Brunswick st. Note there were a lot more people than usual. I sampled some vegan chicken and stuff and then bought chickpea snacks

Oh yes it was Moomba which means more people than usual in the city.  It meant walking slow until St Vincents because of all that traffic. And then coming back it meant walking slow from the arts centre to the gym.

I rewatched the Marathon cheating videos just to be reminded about it.

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