Swisse Iron Deficiency Tablets

I got these for $5 at Priceline with my Sister Membership. This membership is free for you to sign up and if you sign up you’ll get $5 discount.


Swisse is a vitamin company and they have been around for a while. They are supported by the Australian Olympic Team and the Australian open. So I knew they were going to be good for me when I saw them at Melbourne Central. But the Swisse stand charged $14 for these.

Normally the tablets at Priceline are $10. These tablets help us athletes deal with iron deficiency. As a lady, we lose iron due to sweat and periods. Women lose iron on a regular basis. We lose up to double the number of times that a male athlete does.

Melbourne has had its fair share of humid weather and during this sort of weather, we lose iron due to sweat.

You take one per day before or after a meal. And never with coffee or tea which inhibits the absorption.

After taking them my poo has become dark brown. And then after a few days it became light again as my system got used to the extra iron.

With supplementation, I noticed that my energy has increased and that I am performing a bit better. I tried to go and see a doctor to get a screening but they are expensive. I knew I was deficient by the pale face and the constant coughing. Oh and the lack of energy after a very heavy period.

Note: these tablets are not meant for the treatment of iron deficiency conditions. Rather they are just a supplement to increase iron. Individual results and opinions may vary.

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