Ocean Spray’s new Craisin cranberries


Ocean Spray’s new Cranberry snack is great for those on the go. Here they have less sugar and they cater for the diabetic.



Image from tesco.com


Just recently there was a report on obesity and the fact that it is getting worse than what it was 30 years ago. There was a study done between 1988-2012 where more than 1200 people were surveyed. In the survey it said that women’s waistlines these days are 10.5cm more than what it was 30 years ago. This can lead to many problems such as diabetes and the like.

So far I have enjoyed the taste of cranberries in my oats, yoghurt and just as a plain snack. It is sweet but it is full of natural goodness.

I also enjoy them in salad for that little bit of crunch and sweetness.

They have 10 g of fiber in there. Fiber is good for regulating the bowels.

Do buy your cranberries from Woolworths and Coles from the baking aisle now.

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