Feburary goals and how did I go

I didn’t eat a lot of vegetables.

Due to the conference, I had accidentally put on an extra kilo. I was invited to a lot of events where drinking was involved. I didn’t exercise as much as I should as I did not have the time. Hence my PMS might have gone up a bit.

At the conferences that I went to, there was a lot of sweet and calorie-laden food. Hopefully, in March, we can campaign to not have as much calorie-laden and sweet food at conferences. It would be great if the organizers had put sauce and dressing on the side rather than in the salad. Luckily I had my own lunch arranged or I went to Shape up. As a result, I could not do much running as I did not have much time.

As for my bike rides I managed to keep up and rode 350 km.

I had a bit of PMS due to low iron and low fiber. At the conference not many foods had fiber in them- it was mainly sandwiches and cakes. On Tuesday night (Shrove Tuesday) I went out for a free stack and there was not a lot of vegetables offered on their dinner menu.


I did, however, manage to keep up with my water intake but that went down due to hot and humid days and a lot of air conditioning at RMIT. Being in an air-conditioned environment meant that I got dehydrated quickly.

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